Jimmy Takes The Lead For This Saturday’s Neighborhood Cleanup

From email:

lots of furniture is getting tossed into our alleys, so………….

All volunteers will meet at 8am Saturday Aug. 2nd at Pleasants Park, the little park at the corner of S. Laurel St & Albemarle St. There will be enough free on-street parking spots for those who drive there. The clean-up is listed as lasting until 11am or 12 noon. But for whoever wants to keep working even later than that, there will be more clean-up tasks available.
We’ll be going thru the alleys of Oregon Hill with a City dump truck tossing in abandoned furniture & the like. Also, down the sidewalks to toss in recently pruned tree limbs. Sweeping off the bridges over 195. Brick sidewalk upkeep: pulling out the weeds.
If you can help out Saturday, please send me a msg. via Facebook letting me know.
Volunteers can put in a partial shift. Even if you cannot stay the whole time, please come & work with us for as long as you can – even 30 minutes!! If you simply cannot be there at 8am, we still need you. Late arrivals can call me at 804-335-5808 to find our location.
Volunteers should wear work clothes that can get dirty. Hats are useful. I’ll bring bottled water, trash bags, & litter grabbers.
Saturday’s forecast: Humid w/ a high of 87 with possible showers.
Also on on Aug 1 & 2, there will be a Goodwill truck at Morris & Floyd in The Fan collecting household donations-clothes, electronics, computers & whatever.
Affiliated with VCU’s Clean & Green Move.
Jimmy Blackford

BunnyHop To Compete In Flat Fix Contest

Oregon Hill’s Bunnyhop Bike Shop employees promise to “bring it” to Balance Bike Shop‘s Flat Fix Competition.

From the contest FaceBook page:

Do YOU think you have what it takes to be the best at fixing flats?

We are hoping to get 22 people who want to try and win a bunch of cool prizes.

1st Place: 20″ Cannondale M200 w/o wheels OR Brooks Professional saddle
2nd Place: As first loser, you get seconds on whatever the champ didn’t want.
3rd Place: As thrid loser, you get a Wald Pizza Rack. Probably better to get nothing at all.

If we get 22 people, we will do a bracket style competition.

Fair warning, shop employees will compete. The first 22 people to write “confirm” BALANCE BICYCLE”S FACEBOOK ONLY. WE CAN’T SEE OTHER PEOPLES FACEBOOKS!!!!

Don’t be a dick and confirm if you can’t come. Also, we have the prizes, you have the refreshments.

It all happens this coming Thursday, July 31 at 8 pm at Balance’s 904 W. Broad shop.

Rental Property Inspection Program Proposed For City

Excerpts from Richmond Times Dispatch article:

The city of Richmond is considering the creation an inspection program for rental properties in old areas of the city, a policy that could have a major impact on the 56 percent of city housing occupied by renters.
The rental inspections would apply in special districts created by the city with a high volume of renters and a risk of blight. As envisioned, the program would focus on student-heavy historic neighborhoods such as the Fan District, Oregon Hill, Jackson Ward and Carver, but the exact districts would be drawn later by city officials.

Landlords would likely have to pay a fee for each dwelling unit, but the precise dollar amount won’t be known until the city decides to move forward with an ordinance to start the program.
“This program will allow the city to work with property owners to make sure that that old housing is maintained at a higher level so that we don’t have additional blight coming through,” 5th District City Councilman Parker C. Agelasto said.

A survey conducted by the Virginia Municipal League last year found that 22 Virginia localities have rental inspection programs, including Petersburg, Hopewell, Colonial Heights, Virginia Beach, Hampton, Williamsburg, Lynchburg, Roanoke and Fredericksburg.
Agelasto explained the idea Tuesday at a meeting of the council’s Land Use, Housing and Transportation Committee. He characterized it as a way to protect renters from landlords who are reluctant to spend money to keep up their properties.
“The combination of old housing and young renters can sometimes be a recipe for disaster,” Agelasto said. Having working smoke alarms, he added, is important “when you live in a 100-year-old, wood-clapboard house.”

Update On LOVE

From OHNA President Jennifer Hancock:

There was a question at last night’s OHNA meeting about what happened to the LOVE sculpture. It was up one week and then disappeared.

The sculpture’s “O” was damaged during a storm around July 3rd or 4th. It is currently in a neighbor’s garage awaiting repairs. Once the repairs are complete, it will resume its stay at the Overlook.



Neighborhood resident and artist Chris Milk and friend install sculpture. Photos courtesy of resident Lynn Ivey.

Tree Squared


This photo, of a street tree on Spring Street, was not taken today, but recently. Reminder: With today’s heat, might be a good time to give our street trees some love and water them.