Artifacts Roadshow At Virginia War Memorial Saturday

Style Magazine has a piece on the upcoming “Artifacts Roadshow” at the Virginia War Memorial.


Whether a medal, canteen or helmet, every piece of military paraphernalia has its own distinctive story to tell.

One way to help unlock those stories is to take military-related items, whether passed down through the family, found in the attic or acquired antique hunting, to the Virginia War Memorial for the Artifacts Roadshow on Jan. 27.

The first-come, first-served event features Virginia War Memorial curator Jesse Smith, along with experts Robert House and Warren Shindle, examining items. House, whose area of expertise is firearms and edged weapons, works at Classic Firearms and Echoes of Glory Auction House in Virginia Beach and Shindle is a photo expert specializing in U.S. military photography from the 1840s to 1940s.

The public service event aims to help the public identify their memorabilia as well as any possible historical significance they hold. Artifacts of any era beginning with the War of 1812 through the Global War on Terrorism will be reviewed and preservation tips offered. There’s no admission charge or fee to have an expert review artifacts, although donations to the Virginia War Memorial are appreciated.

Neighborhood Association Meeting Tomorrow Night

From email announcement:

Good morning neighbors!

Here is the agenda for our first OHNA meeting of 2018 which will be held tomorrow, Tuesday night 1/23/2018 at 7 PM at the ST Andrews Parish House next to the church on S Laurel. The times are most certainly not set in stone but I want to keep things moving to make the most of your valuable time. Lots of important people to meet and things to discuss so please come if you can and tell/bring a neighbor. ALL residents are welcome!


Agenda 1/23/2018

7:00 Welcome

7:05 Introduction to new sector 413 leader Lt Roberts and update from RPD

7:15 Update from VCU PD Officer Greg Felton

7:20 Update fro Councilman Agelasto’s office- Amy Roberts

7:30 Introduction to Planning Director Mark Olinger followed by presentation on Richmond 300 Master Plan and discussion regarding inappropriate B3 Zoning on Oregon Hill Cary Street Corridor (Cherry to Belvedere and Belvedere to Cumberland)

7:55 Discussion of Holly St playground stabilization and improvements

8:05 Proposed development 800 block W Cary

8:20 New business
1. $200 grant for clean up/improvements discussion

8:25 Closing remarks

8:30 Adjournment

Plan Ahead- Off-Ramp Closing Next Week

From City of Richmond:

Street Closure – Idlewood Avenue and Belvidere Street Off-Ramp
WHO: City of Richmond Department of Public Works

WHAT: Street Closure

WHEN: Starting at 9 a.m. on Monday, January 29 through ending at 4 p.m. on Friday, February 2


· Idlewood Avenue from Harrison to Cherry Streets and

· I-95 Downtown Expressway/Belvidere Street off ramp

BACKGROUND: The aforementioned areas will be closed to complete the final stages of paving and to convert two-way traffic and pavement markings for the roundabout construction at the intersection of Idlewood Avenue, Grayland Avenue and the I-95 off ramp. Please use caution and follow the detour signs.

Apartment Proposal For Corner Of Laurel And W. Cary

First, here is a photo taken today of the threatened four historic buildings at this main gateway to Oregon Hill.

Next, here are the front and rear renderings for the proposed apartment development at 801 W Cary St. This property is included in the recognized Oregon Hill Historic District.

This will certainly be a topic at the upcoming Oregon Hill Neighborhood Association meeting on Tuesday.

Holly Street Playground and Ravine

In response to recent concerns, it look like Holly Street Playground area will be receiving more attention. Incoming Oregon Hill Neigborhood Association (OHNA) President Todd Woodson has requested a structural assessment from the City on the embankment that supports the playground. He is interested in the possibility of making this area, which is sort of an extension of S. Cherry St, more of a public walking trail than just a utility alley. Other neighbors have suggestions that include repaving the basketball court and establishing a tool lending program. These ideas will probably be discussed at the upcoming OHNA meeting next Tuesday.

This is the 1867 Michie Map showing the ravine that was filled in to make Holly Street playground. Thanks to neighbor Charles Pool for this…

Support Ranked Choice Voting (RCV)

I have mentioned ranked choice voting before on this site. The Oregon Hill Neighborhood Association uses it to elect officers when there is more than 2 people running for a position. Now’s the time to further this important voting reform in Virginia.


Delegate Nick Freitas (Culpeper) has submitted HB 553, which would establish ranked choice voting in elections for Virginia’s statewide offices and General Assembly, along with Virginia’s members of the U.S. House and Senate. A similar bill was tabled in committee during the 2017 session.

Delegate Patrick Hope (Arlington) has also submitted HB 932, which would authorize Arlington County to use ranked choice voting in its local Board elections.

The 2018 session began on Wednesday, January 10. HB 553 will start in the Campaigns subcommittee of the House Committee on Privileges and Elections (P&E). We’re especially eager to recruit FairVote supporters in P&E members’ districts. You can visit Who’s My Legislator to search for your local delegate or check this map to see if you live in one of the committee’s districts.

Complaints About Holly Street Playground

Some complaints about the condition and use of Holly Street Playground were recently posted on

I am appalled by the condition of our neighborhood playground. I have contacted the City of Richmond Dept of Parks and Rec regarding the filth and takeover by skateboarders and have received no response for one week.

There is vandalized material on the “basketball court” and dog poop is everywhere.
I have witnessed people smoking pot and “playing” with the swings in a rough way that could damage the equipment.
As a taxpayer, I feel that this area should be more closely monitored for littering and misuse of the property. I would appreciate any feedback from local residents.
Thank you!

Certainly this is not the first time that concerns like this have been expressed about Holly Street Playground. There has been a lot of tension in the past about how different ages have used and misused this space.