St. Andrew’s Church Christmas Eve Service

From Rev. Abbott Bailey of St. Andrew’s Church:

Everyone is invited to join us for our annual celebration of the Nativity on Wednesday, December 24, 2014 at 7:00 pm. The candlelit service includes beautiful music and carols, the Christmas story, and Communion. Child care is provided.

Also, if you need a ride or would like to provide one, contact the office for ride-sharing information 804-648-7980.

Don’t Forget: Additional Street Cleaning Scheduled For Wednesday

Due to pleas from neighbors, there is is street cleaning scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 24 for the sides of Laurel and Holly that didn’t get leaf pickup. Don’t forget to look for signs and move cars before they get towed. Special thanks to neighbors Jimmy and Fred for helping clear sidewalks and rake leafs into gutters this past Sunday in preparation.

Neighbor Bryan C. Green

The Times Dispatch has a profile of Pine Street neighbor, Bryan C. Green, currently the Director of historic preservation for Richmond-based Commonwealth Architects.

What is the biggest challenge/opportunity in the next two to five years: “Richmond benefits from a strong urban core, and one of the great success stories over the last two decades has been the steady increase in population downtown. As the economy continues to recover from the recession, we see an increase in the number of new, infill buildings. One of the great challenges is shaping this growth, and making sure that the new buildings filling out our urban neighborhoods are quality buildings, appropriate in design for their settings.”

“The Case of the Purloined Bulbs”

This nice story begins with this FaceBook message on the the I could go on and on blog:

Hi Karen – I’m Todd and I live in Oregon Hill. A friend of mine found a box ripped open and discarded by a trash can in a Jackson Ward alley that was filled with hyacinth and tulip bulbs. Assuming it was discarded, he gave it to me, knowing I’m a gardener. I saw your name on the box and looked it up on Facebook. I just wanted to make sure that they weren’t stolen and discarded. If these are yours, I want to make sure to get them back to you. If not, I’ll be happy to plant them. I will wait to hear from you before I do. Please let me know and best wishes! Todd

VCU Continues To Disregard Its Own Master Plan, Counter To State Agreement

While some local journalists have chosen to focus on VCU President’s performance review, they are missing some of the importance of VCU’s recent property grab on Cary Street.

VCU’s neighbors have relied upon VCU’s promise to abide by its Master Plan boundary when purchasing property. This promise is essential for removing speculation and inspiring a sense of trust between VCU and its neighbors. Unfortunately, VCU continues to breed community distrust with its actions. The history is not good: The Oregon Hill neighborhood at one point endorsed the VCU Master Plan 2020, which called for a small natatorium to be constructed at Cherry and Cary. In 2007, VCU abruptly changed its master plan, without community involvement, after a much larger recreational project was already submitted for state review. VCU still ignores “Issue 1″ in regard to community relations.

In November 2014, VCU purchased the property at 9 W. Cary Street outside of its Master Plan boundary. In response to a request made under the Freedom of Information Act, VCU has confirmed that the VCU Master Plan boundary has not been changed to include the property at 9 W. Cary Street and that VCU did not inform its neighbors that it was purchasing property outside of its Master Plan boundary. VCU made no mention of the acquisition of the property was made at recent community advisory board meetings.

This appears to run counter to the Management Agreement between VCU and the Commonwealth of Virginia that states that capital projects must be “consistent with the University’s published Master Plan.” “Exhibit A … V. CAPITAL PROGRAM.
The President, acting through the Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration or other
designee, shall adopt a system for developing one or more capital project programs that defines or define the capital needs of the University for a given period of time consistent with the University’s published Master Plan.” (Editor added emphasis for this post).

While the property in question (9 W. Cary Street) is not in Oregon Hill, and Oregon Hill neighbors are not against VCU’s Office of Continuing and Professional Studies receiving a new home, the fact that VCU continues to disregard its own Master Plan raises alarm bells for the surrounding community (and that includes more than Oregon Hill neighborhood).
Again, where is the accountability?

Recent Crimes


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