Trash/Recycling Pickup Tomorrow

This Wednesday is a red Wednesday, which means trash and recycling pickup. Please make sure you pick up containers after pickup tomorrow night. They do not belong on the sidewalk after tomorrow night. Please also keep in mind that the City is supposed to be doing leaf removal and street cleaning this week.

In order to take your recycling to the next level, read this: 10 ways to improve your recycling.

A new study that surveyed top companies is offering proof of successful sustainable manufacturing efforts:

Companies said they pursued sustainable manufacturing efforts largely because of customer demand. The media attention and awards these companies garnered for their sustainable manufacturing efforts, in turn, helped build consumer trust and brand loyalty.

Companies surveyed gained more than consumer loyalty. Many reported saving money and using fewer resources through physical waste, water, energy and sustainable manufacturing initiatives.

Open High Threatened By Binford Middle School Proposal

The Richmond School Board is considering Binford Middle School’s future. One of the four proposals that have been presented to the public is to move Open High School into the Binford building in the Fan and add three middle school grades to the program.

The district will host three community engagement meetings to allow the public to share their views regarding the proposed options for the future of Binford Middle School.


Community Light Parade and InLight on Friday

From this week’s Style magazine:

Coinciding with 1708 Gallery’s annual InLight Richmond public exhibition of light-based art, the Community Lantern Parade will illuminate Monroe Park on Friday, Nov. 21. The community art project, curated by Denise Markonish from the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, will feature performances, sculpture, large-format projections and interactive projects by artists and collectives from across the country. It will turn the five-sided park into an incandescence hub of visual activity. Best of all, along with projects by the Daily Planet, Art on Wheels and Art 180, you can bring your own lantern to join the fun. The free, family-friendly florescent festivities run from at 7 to midnight.

For more information, visit 1708 Gallery’s webpage by clicking here.

Miss Boyd and The Salvation Army Hall

There was recently an estate sale for The Oaks, a house in Windsor Farms…

From the sale description:

The Oaks, one of Richmond’s most historic and unique homes, was built in Amelia County around 1745. It took English craftsmen and native labor three years to construct. All of the bricks were handmade on the property. The wood was cut on the estate and allowed to season for a year before construction began. This remarkable architectural gem might not have survived to the present day had it not been for the vision and determination of Richmonder Lizzie Edmunds Boyd, who had the house moved to Richmond’s Windsor Farms in 1927 by train. Its faithfulness to the original structure is testimony to the care with which it was taken down and reconstructed. Miss Boyd was far ahead of her time as a preservationist, a community activist and philanthropist, as well as a serious collector of early furniture. While she was sponsoring Richmond’s first soup kitchen on Oregon Hill and helping found the Community Foundation, she found time to fill The Oaks with a notable collection of early American and English antiques.

It sounds like this soup kitchen may have been based in the building that appears in a Times Dispatch photograph (click here for link to RTD archives blog).

Reverend Abbott Bailey at St. Andrew’s Church was able to find out more from one of the church elders, Cyrus Field… “It was located at Maiden Lane and Belvidere Sts. This was beside St Andrews Mission, which was [the church’s] original Parish House, moved from the Baldwin Hall Location.” It was directly opposite of the house his wife Ellen grew up in.”

Neighbor Charles Pool located what he believes is the building on the 1905 Sanborn map:

location of Salvation Army -1905 Sanborn map

2015 Elby Restaurant Award Nominations has an article on the 2015 Elby Award Nominations

For those who don’t know, The Elbys are Richmond’s most prestigious restaurant industry award, which honors “excellence in the Richmond region’s restaurant community.”
(BTW, I’ve confirmed – it’s Elbys, no apostrophe. The Elby Awards, named for Chef Paul Elbling of the former La Petite France, AKA Elbys.)
Started by Richmond Magazine in 2011, this award is the top honor a Richmond restaurant can get, and the annual award ceremony is a must-attend event for anyone involved in Richmond dining.

L’Opossum was nominated for Best New Restaurant, while Mamma’Zu was nominated for a new category, Richmond Stalwart.