Plan Now for The 1st Annual Oregon Hill Memorial Day Soccer Invitational: May 26 and May 27th

From the Facebook Event page:

The 1st Annual Oregon Hill Memorial Day Soccer Invitational: May 26 and May 27th — 7 v 7 tournament at Oregon Hill.

Register your team by emailing Ben Jones at hokiestox at or by joining the Facebook event. Please include the jersey color and an estimate of the number of players attending the tournament.

Deadline to register is May 23rd.

Games will last approximately 40 minutes with two, 20 minute halves. Tournament style (round robin, etc) depends on total number of teams in attendance.

Suggested donation is 2$ per player for referee costs.

Boards and Billboards

Supposedly, the following ordinance will be put up for vote at the City’s Planning Commission meeting on Monday:

Ord. No. 2012-74 (Patron: Mayor Jones) – To amend and reordain City Code §§ 114-402.2, concerning permitted accessory uses and structures, 114-620.5, concerning division of lots to accommodate existing dwelling units, and 114-1040.3 concerning additional exceptions granted by the Board of Zoning Appeals, for the purpose of discouraging the use of the special use permit process by expanding the special exceptions available under the zoning ordinance.
(Planning Commission, Monday, May 21, 2012, 1:30 p.m.)

One interpretation of this is that Mayor Jones has introduced the ordinance to expand the authority of the Board of Zoning Appeals. It allows for additional sign height except for billboards. Will the next step be to add billboards?

This ordinance is one that caused blogger C Wayne Taylor concern in the past. Last year the BZA decided 32 cases and only denied 3.

Anyone following the latest proceedings in the illegal Mayo Island billboard saga?

4th Precinct MPACT Meets Tomorrow Evening

The Mayor’s Participation, Action, & Communication Team for 4th Precinct meets tomorrow evening.

From announcement:

Thursday, May 17, 2012 @ 6PM
Linwood Holton Elementary School
1600 W. Laburnum Ave.

As we embark on another fun filled summer and children begin their summer vacation it is important that they have constructive activities to partake in. It is just as important that parents are also able to enjoy the season with their children through other family activities and events.

Please join MPACT and the Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities to hear about these events and activities. Some of which include upcoming summer programs, this year’s Summer Camp Program, pool schedules, and Movies in the Park.