Hollywood Cemetery’s Guardian Dog Now Has Urban Legend Beer

From Richmond BizSense article:

Through 19 years of business, Legend has been fairly straightforward with its names — Legend Brown Ale, Legend Pilsner, Legend Porter.

“We like to be sure that people know what they are getting,” said Dave Gott, vice president of operations. Names sell the brewery and build brand allegiance.

One day, though, assistant brewer Brian Knight and others started tossing around ideas. They came up with a theme, the Urban Legend Series, and four names: Guardian Dog Doppelbock, Richmond Vampire Imperial Red Ale, Lost City Saison and Locomotive 231.

“They had all the names ready to go. We said, ‘Sounds good to us,’” Gott said.

History and local lore predominate. The Guardian Dog Doppelbock, the initial release that’s out now, pays tribute to the iron statue of a black dog that watches over a child’s grave in Hollywood Cemetery. There are several versions of the tale, and Legend notes the mystique.

“The dog has a personality of his own and has been reportedly discovered looking in various directions. He is said to come alive if he feels the need to protect his young mistress,” Legend’s description says.

The Iron Dog is one of the most popular monuments in the cemetery, and it appears the Legend series is a hit as well.

“People are really reacting to the names,” Gott said.

GRTC Task Force Meeting Rescheduled For Next Thursday

From City announcement:

All residents are invited and encouraged to attend

WHAT (Richmond, Virginia U.S.A.) — The Richmond City Council GRTC and Transit Study Task Force will hold a meeting. The purpose of the Task Force is to make recommendations to Richmond City Council with regard to enhancing mass transit in the Metro-Richmond area and the efficiency and effectiveness of the GRTC Transit System. The meeting is free and open to the public and all residents are invited and encouraged to attend.

WHEN Thursday, March 14, 2013
4:00-6:00 p.m.

WHERE Richmond Department of Economic Development
Richmond Main Street Train Station – 3rd Floor Conference Room
1500 East Main Street; Richmond, Virginia 23219

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