Medical Study

i don’t normally post this sort of thing, but as a favor to an Oregon Hill resident who is helping organize it, here it is (note that it is non-invasive in that there are no medical procedures involved):

Dr. Jasmohan S. Bajaj is looking for Healthy Volunteers to participate in a research study he is conducting at McGuire Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

The purpose of the study is to determine the performance of healthy people on tests of intelligence using specialized pencil/paper and computer tests. This is necessary in order to decide what is a normal performance and what is an abnormal performance.

You may be eligible if you are 18 – 75 years of age, speak English and have no serious medical problems.

In order to participate in the study, you will be asked to do to the following:
• Answer questions about your medical history to determine if you are eligible to participate in the study.
• Take a 10 minute questionnaire asking about your quality of life.
• Take 6 paper-pencil and 1 computerized test of intelligence.

Your participation in the study will require 1 visit and last up to 2 hours.

You will be paid $30 after completing the tests.

If you are interested and want to participate,
Call 804-675-5000 Ext. 2991.