Taking On ‘The Dead Bike Epidemic’

From Councilperson Agelasto’s FaceBook page:

The Public Safety Committee will discuss the proposed bike attachment ordinance and revisions to the registration ordinance at 5:00 pm today in the Police Academy (1202 W. Graham Street). Please tell us what you think.

From related Richmond.com article:

The term “dead bikes” describes what people seen when a bicycle frame is left chained to a bike rack for months on end or a vandalized bike with tires smashed and mangled is left to rot locked to a pole along a sidewalk. It is bicycle blight and can take up valuable walking space and clutters up the already small amount of proper bike parking spaces in Richmond.
How can you tell when a bike is dead? Do you report it to the police? Can the bike owner be ticketed? How can one get a bike removed? It isn’t easy and can be very confusing, right?

The Renegade Market Continues Tomorrow

From email announcement:

And you will begin to notice a slow but steady increase in the appearance of early spring crops – greens, lettuces, microgreens, Brussels Sprouts and brassicas of many kinds…at BHM and area markets… Enjoy these early fruits of the sun, soil, H2o and daylight savings time. Tuesdays, 3 to 6pm through April. byrdhousemarket.blogspot.com (or use logo link below)

Server Crash
Greetings all, my apologies for no update last week, but our server crashed and there it all went from Thursday to Tuesday. Maybe it was a thunk from the “Gods” because this week the rain will hit Monday and dry out to fairly warm and breezy as this week launches the Spring season. Of course immediately following the first day of spring our nighttime temperatures will plummet to the upper 20s for the following few nights so enjoy those Tulip Magnolias and early sproutlings now before they become freezer burned and mushy. :( so sad.

Ranch Dressing?
I’m looking for a recipe for making this popular with carrot sticks and children salad dressing FROM SCRATCH (whole fat buttermilk, sour cream or mayonnaise, herbs, spices, instructions)! Open to all suggestions and variations on the theme! Post it on our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/byrdhousemarket

Urban Agriculture Learning Series
On behalf of the WBCH Eat Good Grow Great Nutrition Education program, I will be at this coming Saturday’s urban agriculture learning session, March 23 to demonstrate “Cooking What You Grow!” If you attended last Saturday the 16th you heard all about WORMS from Daniel Finney of Tricycle Gardens and about Garden Planning from Matthew Daniel of WBCH Byrd House Farmlet. Duron Chavis of McDonough Community Garden (http://mcdonoughgarden.com/), Domoinic Barrett of Shalom Farms, Lisa Taranto of the city, David Stover our fine beekeeper and many others make this FREE series all profit for you. http://www.facebook.com/events/403986199684915/

And speaking of …
Women’s History Month, did you know that Shelia Givens is the first African American woman to serve as executive director in its 90 year history?

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