History Tourism

While the City is supposedly working on its tourism plan, the Valentine Richmond History Center is refining and announcing theirs. Here are a few of the Oregon Hill/Hollywood Cemetery ones:

April 1
Highlights of Hollywood Cemetery Walking Tour (10-11:30am)
Monday – Saturday, April 1-October 31
Learn about the cemetery’s history, artwork, symbolism and famous residents, including two U.S. Presidents, writer Ellen Glasgow, Confederate President Jefferson Davis and Generals George Pickett and J.E.B. Stuart. Meet at the rear of the stone structure on the left at the cemetery entrance, Cherry and Albemarle streets.

April 6
Civil War Sampler Bus Tour (1-5pm)
A comprehensive look at the unique role Richmond played as the Capital of the Confederacy. Includes Church Hill, Shockoe Bottom, Court End, the canal area, Hollywood Cemetery, Monument Avenue and the battlefields at Gaines’ Mill and Cold Harbor. Reservations: (804) 649-0711 x301. Meet at the History Center.

April 14
Hollywood Cemetery Specialty Walking Tour* (2-4pm)
An extension of the daily “Highlights” tour, this version covers in more detail the cemetery’s unique history, landscape design, architecture, symbols and residents. Meet at the cemetery entrance at Cherry and Albemarle streets.

April 27
History Hounds Explore Hollywood Cemetery Walking Tour (10am-12pm)
Dogs are invited to join their owners for this walking tour of Hollywood Cemetery, in partnership with the Richmond SPCA. Dogs must have current shots, mix well with others and remain on a leash. Owners are responsible for water and cleaning up after their dogs. Space is limited. Reservations: (804) 649-0711 x301. Meet outside the cemetery gates at Cherry and Albemarle streets.

There are even more in May. Check out the schedule by clicking here.

New Start Up: RVA Water Services

Oregon Hill resident Nolen Blackwood has started a new venture called RVA Water Services.

RVA Water Services is a water based energy efficiency company focused on providing a water and sewer usage reduction program for multi-family properties by analyzing current usage and installing effective and efficient fixtures. These fixtures will be installed at no cost to the current owners with water and sewer charge savings split between owner and RVA Water Services over a fixed term. This model allows the owner to see positive cash flow from the beginning of the project and not requiring any capital outlay. Current technology allows for efficient fixtures to greatly outperform older products.
RVA Water Services is a member of Energy Star Portfolio Manager Program.

One of the catalysts is the proposal by the Mayor for Richmond’s water utility to switch to a conservation rate structure.

Blackwood has also asked neighborhood residents to help RVA Water Works win the 2013 i.e.* Start-Up Competition. Voting began yesterday and people can vote once per day for the next two days. RVA Water Works is listed under the Energy and Green Tech or you can follow the link to vote: