Bottle Cap Artist

RichmondBizSense recently profiled Oregon Hill resident Josh Stolberg’s business (click here for article).

A VCU graduate launched his startup armed only with a pair of pliers and 10,000 discarded bottle caps.

Josh Stolberg started RVA CapWorks in February. He uses tin snips and a metal press to sculpt beer and soda caps into flowers, stars, birds, signs and anything else his clients can think of.

Stolberg, who works full-time for power company Alstom, said he spends about 30 hours on the weekends flattening and assembling the pieces.

Stolberg started developing the idea for the company about two years ago. He constructed a Halloween gladiator costume using 3,200 caps. The 17-pound costume took 250 hours to make.

For now, Stolberg works out of his Oregon Hill home. He said that if demand picks up he would look for a separate work area and a place to sell the sculptures.