This is Vinyl Conflict

The One Way Richmond blog has a recent post that profiles Oregon Hill record store Vinyl Conflict:

One of my favorite record stores/local businesses is Vinyl Conflict Record Store in glorious Oregon Hill. This store has defied all the odds by approaching quite soon mind you, their 5th Anniversary. This store is the quintessential hardcore-punk-metal vinyl record store with other accessories related to these genres for your purchasing pleasure.
There has been many benchmark phenomena’s to happen in Richmond in the past five years, and Vinyl Conflict is certainly one of them. This shop is Richmond, Virginia. Everyone is welcomed, and every type of person shops, hangs out, or lingers out front of the shop, which if you think about it, this would be better than any sociology class over at VCU.
I hadn’t met current owner Bobby Egger officially, but I wanted to. His hard work and dedication to live music or pressed music hasn’t gone unnoticed by me, not by a long shot.
I finally got the chance when I barnstormed my way up into 324 S. Pine St. I’m kidding, I called first. Bobby was very accommodating, and I did a more off the hip interview with him. We just talked about the store and local music scene as if we were shooting the breeze or shit for that matter – nothing formal, which is why I had such a ball talking with Bobby. I picked his brain as if I were a woodpecker. This guy is not only very informative, intelligent, and driven – he, and Vinyl Conflict, are a major piece, and I do mean major piece, to the puzzle that is the best music scene in the world.

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