“Trees in an Urban Landscape” by Newberry


Opening reception for a new exhibition by Brigette Newberry (who teaches at Open High) happens across the river tonight at ArtSpace.

Speaking of trees…The Adopt-A-Tree deadline is fast approaching and applications must be received by September 2 (since September 1 is Labor Day). Trees are planted from November 1 to April 15.

Recognized as a successful program that is helping to replenish and sustain community street trees in the city, the Richmond Adopt-a-Tree Program is helps protect one of Richmond’s most precious assets and valuable resources. The total estimated value of Richmond’s urban canopy is $211 million.

Community street trees help reduce noise pollution, reduce flooding and stormwater runoff, enhance air quality, add aesthetic beauty, and help you save energy.

To learn more, please visit the City’s Urban Forestry website or call 804-646-7000.