Deed Restrictions On Grace Arents School (Open High Building)

After recruiting the help of several people, including a former City employee, Councilperson Parker Agelasto was able to find legal documents pertaining to deed restrictions on the Grace Arents school building that currently houses Open High School.

Links to large pdf:
Grace Arents School Deed Documents
Arents Grace School Deed actual

Neighbors are grateful as this will hopefully prevent the City from unwisely ceasing to use the building for the function for which the land was given to the city. Oregon Hill neighbors have largely been very supportive of keeping the successful Open High program in the neighborhood. Longtime residents also recall a somewhat similar situation some time ago where the City tried to sell off Pleasants Park, the ‘pocket park’ at Laurel and Albemarle (site of Laurel Street Methodist Church that burned down) to a developer, but re-located deed restrictions prevented it from happening.

In addition here is a photo of the deed whereby the St. Andrews Association conveyed the Grace Arents School property at Pine and China Streets to the City of Richmond in 1911 (DB 210c, Page 497; March 14, 1911). The deed specifies that the land will be used for a free school for city children.

Grace Arents School deed, DB 210c P 497 March 14, 1911 copy