Oregon Hill “Neighborhood Shrine”

Style Magazine has an article this week about artist Barry O’Keefe, who wants to build a series of public sculptures or edifices that provide “a way for people to connect as part of building a neighborhood sense of community”.

The article makes it sound like it is already happening:

Grants provided the funding to build the first five boxes. Ultimately, he’d like to start casting the shrines in bronze so that they can become permanent neighborhood fixtures, but in the meantime, he’s looking for funding to build more of them out of wood.

And right now, he’s working with the Richmond Public Arts Commission to get permission to place others, hopefully this summer. Currently, he’s looking at Patrick Henry Park in Church Hill, Abner Clay Park in Jackson Ward, Oregon Hill Park in Oregon Hill and the McDonough Community Gardens in Woodland Heights. O’Keefe grew up on Forest Hill Avenue, so he’d like to see more on Southside.