VCU Announces “No Car Protocol” For First-Year Students

BEGINNING WITH THE FALL SEMESTER 2017, Virginia Commonwealth University will employ a “No Car Protocol Protocol” for first-year residential students.

You can go to this linked website for more details, but here are some summary statements:

The university encourages the involvement of students in the first year on-campus experience, supports a pedestrian-friendly, residential campus, supports a reduction in the campus carbon footprint, and encourages use of alternate transportation.

Parking decals cannot be purchased by other students for first year residential students. Violations of the protocol are pursued through student codes of conduct and/or revocation of future parking privileges.

Across schools that do not allow first year students to have cars there are certain exceptions. These exceptions include medical conditions, disabilities, employment, over 21 years of age, military reservists and other extenuating situations.

Students who can demonstrate a compelling need or who would suffer undue hardship due to this Protocol can petition for a waiver. Waivers are reviewed by a committee of staff and students and will be kept to an absolute minimum.

Freshman Residents have several options to get around without a car: VCU RamRide, VCU Ramsafe, VCU Ramcharter, VCU Ramaway, VCU Rambikes, Transit Passes, Go Green.

The Women of Hollywood Walking Tour

Bring mom out for a specialty walking tour in Hollywood tomorrow!

The Valentine museum is sponsoring:

Explore the role that women’s groups played in Hollywood Cemetery’s history from the Civil War to the present. Visit grave sites of women who were educators, authors, preservationists, suffragists and humanitarians. Meet at the Hollywood Cemetery entrance at Cherry and Albemarle streets, near the rear of the stone structure to the left. Please note that this tour is 1.5 to 2 miles and involves several inclines. Comfortable shoes and water are recommended.

$15 per person
$5 for Valentine Members
Walk-ups welcome.
Cash or check.
On-street parking

You may also want to bring an umbrella!

‘Comey’ Over Here And Bet Me

Another editorial venture over to national politics….hey, the Times Dispatch does it

So far I have no takers on my bet that this ‘Russiangate’ stuff will not result in impeachment of Trump. Anyone? As much as I would like to see Trump impeached, I think the ridiculous Red-baiting is a very sad attempt by Democrats to excuse their horrible Presidential campaign. I keep hoping that Trump’s other, outstanding conflicts of interest will be used to impeach him, but I don’t see corporate Democrats doing that because that tact might then be used against them in the future. All along I have been hoping that people would refocus on reforming the entire system- IRV/RCV for example, banning corporate campaign funding, or at least getting us out of these stupid foreign wars, but no, the corporate media wants us to spend time plumbing Comey’s inner soul or something.

Surely there’s someone out there-
As we have proven already today, talk is cheap. I am wagering that “Russiangate” investigation will NOT result in Trump’s impeachment. Do you want to bet? Honestly, as with the Burger Bernie Belly Crawl Challenge, I would love to be proven wrong, as I would love to see Trump impeached and I would have loved to have seen Bernie Sanders get the Democratic nomination this past election.

eBay Auction Prompts Historic Interest In Steinmann Storefront

The Shockoe Examiner blog has picked up on an eBay auction of some old Oregon Hill photos and ephemera.

It’s a wonderful image of the Laurel Street Market located at 349 S. Laurel St., corner of Laurel and Albemarle Streets in Richmond’s Oregon Hill neighborhood

  • (Editor’s note: Where Rest In Pieces store is now)
  • . The seller shows the back of this photograph where it’s written: “Taken Feb 27 – 17” – so I assume it was taken on Feb. 27, 1917. The store was owned by John Frederick Ernest Steinmann (1871-1934).

    Steinmann’s 1911 will, which is listed for sale in the same eBay auction, notes 346 Laurel St. with “house and lot” was bequeathed to his son Henry, and 344 Laurel with “house and lot” was bequeathed to his son Charles.

    The building permit is for “store and dwelling.” So the brick building was brand new when the photo was taken that is on sale on ebay.

    Neighbor Charles Pool found a notice of the building permit in the July 1, 1911 Times Dispatch and it supports the current owner’s research that the family lived upstairs.