‘Comey’ Over Here And Bet Me

Another editorial venture over to national politics….hey, the Times Dispatch does it

So far I have no takers on my bet that this ‘Russiangate’ stuff will not result in impeachment of Trump. Anyone? As much as I would like to see Trump impeached, I think the ridiculous Red-baiting is a very sad attempt by Democrats to excuse their horrible Presidential campaign. I keep hoping that Trump’s other, outstanding conflicts of interest will be used to impeach him, but I don’t see corporate Democrats doing that because that tact might then be used against them in the future. All along I have been hoping that people would refocus on reforming the entire system- IRV/RCV for example, banning corporate campaign funding, or at least getting us out of these stupid foreign wars, but no, the corporate media wants us to spend time plumbing Comey’s inner soul or something.

Surely there’s someone out there-
As we have proven already today, talk is cheap. I am wagering that “Russiangate” investigation will NOT result in Trump’s impeachment. Do you want to bet? Honestly, as with the Burger Bernie Belly Crawl Challenge, I would love to be proven wrong, as I would love to see Trump impeached and I would have loved to have seen Bernie Sanders get the Democratic nomination this past election.