Trash/Recycling Pickup Tomorrow

This Wednesday is a “Red Wednesday”, which means trash and recycling pickup. Ideally, rolling recycling containers are stored and deployed in the back alleys along with trash cans. Please make sure you pick up containers after pickup tomorrow night.

If you have not done so already, don’t forget to sign up for your Recycling Perks.
In order to take your recycling to the next level, read this: 10 ways to improve your recycling.

In Virginia recycling news, there’s been some turmoil following the collapse of a national company known as Closed Loop Refining and Recovery.

From an article on this subject:

The Central Virginia Waste Management Authority (CVWMA) terminated its contract with eWaste Tech due to glass-management concerns, E-Scrap News has learned.

Kim Hynes, the executive director of CVWMA, said she ended a contract with eWaste Tech last month after learning CRT glass was no longer moving downstream from the company’s Richmond headquarters. CVWMA and eWaste Tech partnered in 2015 to host a variety of collection events in the region.