Need More Personal Responsibility For Alley Trash

This photo looks down the alley between the 600 block of S. Laurel and S.Cherry.
Trash and recycling trucks already went through on Wednesday. This photo was from after that.

Dear landlords and tenants,

The citizens of Richmond need you to take more responsibility for your refuse. I know some of you think that taxes are only good for two things, fire protection and refuse collection, but the truth is that OUR taxes also pay for things like police, schools, parks, etc. When the City spends all of its money picking up at the end of your leases, it can take away from other priorities.

While I appreciate efforts to improve the City’s services, you have a personal responsibility to make a point of either taking your excess to the dump, or, at the very least, scheduling a ‘bulk refuse’ pickup with the City. Just leaving it out in the alley, no matter how neatly, is not the neighborly thing to do. Let’s do better.