Neighbor Makes This Year’s Folk Festival Poster

From the Times Dispatch article:

Oregon Hill artist Chris Milk Hulburt walks to the Richmond Folk Festival ever year to enjoy the music.

Last year, the beat-boxing showcase brought him to tears.

“Music has been first and foremost in my life,” he said from Quirk Hotel while installing a new one-man show. “If I hadn’t been an artist, I would have preferred to be a musician.”

Hulburt looks like an artist: wearing red suspenders, red Crocs and brown pants rolled at the bottom with the words “True Love,” embroidered by his sweetheart, stitched into the cuffs.

A graduate from Open High School, Hulburt has been making his living as an artist for the past 20 years. This year, he was selected to create the poster for the Richmond Folk Festival, which is Oct. 13-15.