Complaints About Holly Street Playground

Some complaints about the condition and use of Holly Street Playground were recently posted on

I am appalled by the condition of our neighborhood playground. I have contacted the City of Richmond Dept of Parks and Rec regarding the filth and takeover by skateboarders and have received no response for one week.

There is vandalized material on the “basketball court” and dog poop is everywhere.
I have witnessed people smoking pot and “playing” with the swings in a rough way that could damage the equipment.
As a taxpayer, I feel that this area should be more closely monitored for littering and misuse of the property. I would appreciate any feedback from local residents.
Thank you!

Certainly this is not the first time that concerns like this have been expressed about Holly Street Playground. There has been a lot of tension in the past about how different ages have used and misused this space.