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Noise Issues Continue To Be A Problem

In less pleasant news, noise issues continue to be a problem.

Neighbors complained of multiple fireworks going off at different intervals last night.

While this morning, neighbors were woken up by loud Top 40 music from a sound system at the VCU athletic fields over on Linden and W. Cary that could be heard as far south as the 600 blocks of S.Cherry and Laurel.

From one neighbor:

Sunday morning at 8:15 am, I was awakened by loud music blaring through my closed window. I finally went to the vcu athletic field at 9 and they were blaring loud as crap hip hop music. A Sunday morning! This has to stop.

The music is still blaring. It’s two hours straight now. Called vcu twice, met with vcu police once and an officer called me back and apologized for the noise. He said they brought their own sound system and that he has had multiple complaints every time this lacrosse group uses the field.

Trash/Recycling Pickup Tomorrow

This Wednesday is a red Wednesday, which means trash and recycling pickup. Please make sure you pick up containers after pickup tomorrow night. They do not belong on the sidewalk after tomorrow night.

In order to take your recycling to the next level, read this: 10 ways to improve your recycling.

In recycling news, the City of Toronto has had some success developing raccoon proof composting bins.