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VCU Sign Saga Continues

The Times Dispatch this morning has an article on the continuing controversy regarding VCU’s billboard signs. Here is an excerpt:

In another skirmish dealing with Monroe Park, a Richmond official has proposed revoking Virginia Commonwealth University’s permission to put up directional signs near the city-owned park that abuts the VCU campus.

Two signs, one at North Belvidere and West Main streets and another near the intersection of North Laurel Street and South Cathedral Place on the western side of the park, would have to be removed under legislation introduced by City Councilman Parker C. Agelasto, 5th District.

The sign on Laurel is affixed to a traffic pole, while the one on Main is freestanding on the sidewalk. Agelasto took more issue with the latter, saying the sign measures 4½ by 9 feet and creates visibility issues.

“I’m concerned about the traffic accident counts increasing as a result of a large, overly sized wayfinding sign at an intersection that was already having significant accidents,” Agelasto said.

A City Council committee voted Monday to ask Agelasto to withdraw the proposal until the city has had more time to analyze traffic data to determine if Agelasto is correct that the signs pose a hazard. Both the city traffic engineer and a VCU official disagreed with the notion that the signs are creating problems.

However, last night neighbor Todd Woodson reported that “due to interference from Graziano and Baliles, the bill on revoking the permission to put the signs up has been stricken.”

Byrd House Renegade Market Tuesday

From email announcement:

Tuesday, April 22, 3 – 6 pm


While the Getting’s good:
Eat Good. Grow Great!
Learn more at
Opening Day for 2014 Byrd House Farmers Market Season: May 6
So many great vendors, farmers, crafters and so many wonderful new things to do and love! Looking forward.

New Vendor Orientation: 4/22
6-7:30 pm at William Byrd Community House
224 S. Cherry St. 23220

Get Your Tickets Today!
TUESDAY MAY 3 – Byrd House Bash
Our big annual Fund Raising event!
Amazing live entertainment, wine tastings, local beer crafters, BBQ, friends and colleagues…
Really fabulous Auction Items!! (resorts, wines, limo service, fine dining… and so much more!
We Need You! Show your love and support for the children and families of William Byrd Community House. Details here:
Tickets here:

WBCH – Growing Richmond’s Kids: Smart, Strong, Self-confident. Ready for school. Ready for life.

Ana Edwards, Manager of Byrd House Market
& Library Programs for Grace Arents Library & Education Center
William Byrd Community House / 804.643.2717 ext.306
224 S. Cherry St. Richmond VA 23220

821 Cafe Celebrate 10 Years Tuesday

RVA Magazine has a nice article on 821 Cafe’s celebration:

Richmond’s beloved 821 Café is turning 10! The diner, along with several other neighboring shops, will celebrate by throwing a party early next week, complete with their usual menu and a customized beer.

Originally located on 821 Cary (hence their name), this vegetarian and vegan friendly American diner is rated a whopping four stars on Yelp and 91 percent on Urbanspoon, and I can personally attest that their breakfast is absolutely fabulous (their breakfast sandwiches… yum).

Andrew Clark, a co-owner of the restaurant, said he’s not only excited for the restaurant, but for the entire neighborhood as well. “Besides making it 10 years, we’re really excited because it’s also Salvation Tattoo’s ten year anniversary and our two businesses have always been like family and we’re all really close so it’s gonna be cool to celebrate together. Our is in May and theirs is in August,” said Clark, adding that they’ve “gone from that block being nothing to having a Sweet Frog and four restaurants on it.”

St. Andrew’s Announces Holy Week Services

From announcement:

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church welcomes you to join us for our Holy Week services this year. For more information on these services, please go to Dates and times as follows:

April 17: Maundy Thursday, 7:00 pm, child care available.
April 18: Good Friday Services, Noon and 7:00 pm, child care available at 7:00 pm.
April 19: Great Vigil of Easter, 7:00 pm, child care available.
April 10: Easter Day, 8:30 am in Hollywood Cemetery (Palmer Chapel) with Pine Street Baptist Church; 9:30 am Breakfast and Easter Egg Hunt; 11:00 am Feast of the Resurrection, child care available at from 9:30 am.

Trash/Recycling Pickup Tomorrow

This Wednesday is a red Wednesday, which means trash and recycling pickup. Please make sure you pick up containers after pickup tomorrow night. They do not belong on the sidewalk after tomorrow night.

In recycling news

On March 26, 2014, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) announced publication of the latest annual Toxics Release Inventory (TRI), covering data reported for 2012. This year’s report lists types and amounts of chemicals released and reported by 419 industrial operations in the Commonwealth having 10 or more employees and reaching specific minimum amounts of toxic chemicals used (see p. 2 in the this year’s report Introduction for the list of criteria determining which operations must report).

According to the DEQ’s 3/26/14 news release on the TRI report, “32.7 million pounds of chemicals were released on-site to the air, water and land (a decrease of 16.7 percent from 2011); 65.3 million pounds of chemicals were transferred off-site for treatment, recycling, energy recovery or disposal (a 5-percent decrease from 2011); [and] 775 million pounds of chemicals were managed on-site by treatment, recycling, or energy recovery (a 3-percent increase from 2011).”

A more pointed point of view comes from a January 2014 study conducted by the University of Richmond’s School of Law- Robert R. Merhige Jr. Center for Environmental Studies: “A Strategy to Protect Virginians from Toxic Chemicals”.

‘Tredegar Green’ Yesterday Afternoon

While City Council was busy figuring out how to give away Richmond’s oldest PUBLIC park, I was doing some walking down at the riverfront. I was disgusted by what I saw:


Cars are parked right next to the historic Kanawha Canal. Trash everywhere. Venture Richmond, the property holder, has allowed this very important historical site to become a trashy parking lot! Will there be any repercussions this time?
It is outrageous that the City government wants to give them tax exemptions on the land and let them build an unneeded amphitheater.

This is what happens when you have a corporate government that is not accountable to the public.

Dinamo’s spicy Italian sausage highlighted

Dinamo, which recently celebrated its one year anniversary, got a nice post on that raved about its spicy sausage dish.

It doesn’t look fancy. It’s a pile of beans, some crispy corn cakes, and a monster hunk of sausage. But it looks delicious, and smells even better. Dinamo’s spicy Italian sausage with polenta and beans ($12) is one of the best plates of food you can eat near VCU. The house made pork sausage has a slightly spicy, meaty chew. The perfect polenta–yes, perfect–is fried crispy on one side, soft on the other. And the beans! Who knew white beans could be so creamy and delicious? Here’s a dish worth stretching out your lunch break: a winning balance of flavors, textures, and aromas.