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Richmond Folk Festival/Richmond Zine Festival/Richmond Record Fair

Of course, for anyone who does not already know, this is the weekend of the Richmond Folk Festival. I am always surprised by how many locals still do not understand that this is not folk rock as in Bob Dylan, but folk musics and traditions of all types from all over the world. It’s an incredible chance to grow your musical tastes and it happens right next to Oregon Hill. Yes, there are community concerns about how Venture Richmond is using the Folk Festival to push inappropriate riverfront development, but that should not stop people from enjoying what the festival itself has to offer.

And that’s not all that’s happening this weekend…Whurk Magazine, ‘Virginia Cultural Review’, has a nice article on the Richmond Zine Festival, which takes place this Saturday at the Main Public Library, Oregon Hill’s City public library branch. (One footnote- although the festival is billed as the ninth annual one, Throttle Magazine started and sponsored a few earlier renditions of the Richmond Zine Festival years earlier)

If that is not enough, Oregon Hill’s Vinyl Conflict record store is co-sponsoring the Richmond Record Fair at Hardywood Brewery on Sunday. The description has “20+ tables spanning all genre, tones, culture, subgenre, sub-sub-genre, feedback, texture, vibrations and libations”. It includes a concert by local band The Milkstains.

Here’s hoping that everyone has a great weekend.

“John Moeser — Provocative Peacemaker”

The Richmond Peace Education Center has a profile on Professor John Moeser as 2015 PeaceMaker of the Year, in advance of their annual dinner and auction.

Moeser held his ground at VCU but soon upset the University’s leadership when the Department of Urban Studies and Planning, which he helped organize, publicly opposed VCU’s plans to extend the campus into Oregon Hill.
“Word got back that the President, in a conversation with the Provost, questioned whether the university really needed an Urban Studies Department. I thought it was our finest hour.”

DUI Violation On Idlewood


Oct 6, 2015 at 6:47 pm
Data provided by Richmond Police Department


Oct 5, 2015 at 6:50 pm
Data provided by Virginia Commonwealth University Police Department

Oct 5, 2015 at 7:23 pm
Data provided by Richmond Police Department

Oct 6, 2015 at 2:10 am
Data provided by Richmond Police Department

WBCH No More

Confirming what Oregon Hill residents have known for a while, the Times Dispatch has an article on the William Byrd Community House shutting down.

Some excerpts:

The William Byrd Community House, an influential force for early childhood education and helping low-income families, is in the process of shutting down, according to the organization’s former executive director.

The nonprofit’s board of directors has not met to vote for its dissolution, but former executive director Shelia Givens said her last day was Friday.
“It’s pretty much inevitable,” Givens said of its closing.
After years of financial woes brought on by compounding debts and dwindling contributions and grants, the early-education center that received a rare and sought-after four-star rating from Virginia Star Quality Initiative furloughed most of its staff last month and shut down its preschool program.

The nonprofit’s origins trace to the early 1900s when a group of nurses funded by philanthropist Grace Arents, the niece of Lewis Ginter, banded with social workers to provide cooking, hygiene and infant-care classes and community recreation. The building, constructed in 1903, was Richmond’s first free library before it became the William Byrd Community House to serve poor residents.
In addition to the early childhood education center, the nonprofit provided mortgage, rent and utility assistance to low-income families in the area as well as a food pantry and weekly farmers market that accepted SNAP benefits.

The Byrd House Market will officially end Oct. 27, but in speaking to the vendors, it sounds like ‘the renegade market’ can happen till the end of December. After that, ‘all promises are off’.

What’s even more worrisome is that the St. Andrew’s Association has not announced future plans for the building and grounds. There have been some rumors of a St. Andrew’s Middle School or longterm plans for elderly housing.

Traffic Closures

From City release:

Traffic Advisory – Street Closure – Main and Franklin Streets

WHEN: Starting at 7:00 am on October 10 and ending at 7:00 pm on October 11.

BACKGROUND: Franklin Street between North Harrison and North Laurel Streets will be closed to dismantle the pedestrian bridge at VCU. Follow the road signs.

Also, detour at the intersection of S. Laurel and China Streets. It looks like some manhole work is being done. There are some weird parking restrictions as well.


Exhibit Of Photo Portraits of WWII Veterans Opens At Virginia War Memorial

From Virginia War Memorial press release:

An exhibit of photo portraits of 14 veterans of World War II originally published in the Richmond Times-Dispatch will be unveiled on October 5 at the Virginia War Memorial.
The black-and-white photos were taken in July and August by Times-Dispatch photographer Dean Hoffmeyer and published August 15, 2015 in a special section of the newspaper commemorating the 70th Anniversary of V-J (“Victory Over Japan’) Day – the day World War II ended.
The subjects of the portraits, who range in age from 88-96 years, served in various branches of the U.S. Armed Forces – Army, Army Air Corps, Marines and Navy – and in both the European and Pacific Theaters during the war. All are residents of the Richmond and Petersburg metropolitan areas.
Hoffmeyer photographed each veteran individually using a vintage 4×5 format Speed Graphic film camera – the type of camera used by many newspaper photographers in the 1940s- and developed each photo by hand.
“When an original digital image is gone, it is lost forever,” Hoffmeyer said. “I wanted our portraits to be everlasting and real, just as the contributions these men made to our country are everlasting and real.”

The photos will be on display in the American Legion Exhibit Hall in the Virginia War Memorial’s Paul and Phyllis Galanti Education Center at 621 South Belvidere in downtown Richmond through November 30.