Street Closures For VCU Construction

From City press release:

Street/Lane Closure – South Pine, West Cary, West Main and South Laurel

WHO: City of Richmond Department of Public Works

WHAT: Street/Lane Closure

WHEN: Monday, July 25, 2016 to August 1, 2016

WHERE: The following areas will be impacted:

– South Pine Street between W. Main & W. Cary streets
– Portion of parking lane on W. Cary between Laurel & Pine streets
– Parking lane on W. Main between Laurel & Pine streets
– Parking lane on Laurel between W. Main & W. Cary streets

BACKGROUND: The aforementioned areas will be closed during construction of student housing at VCU Monroe Campus.

For more information, contact: Sharon North 804-646-5607

So it begins…the Gladding Residence Center Capital Project

New Petition Asks For Political Debate On Water Utility Reform

Building on previous efforts, a new online petition asks local candidates to address water utility reform issues.

Of course, this issue has been brought up before here, and more recently in the Washington Post.

From the new petition language:

We need our local elections to be more than just popularity contests. To that end, citizens need to demand more substantive discussion of issues and platforms. In the last six years or so, issues have been consistently raised by grassroots citizens in regard to reforming the City of Richmond’s water utility.
We point to the previous petition, “Reform Richmond’s Water Rates”, with over 1700 signatures. We reference the Sierra Club Falls of the James’ statement on how there are also significant conservation concerns with the City utility’s relatively high base rate for residents. We call your attention to the recent Washington Post editorial, with the headline, Richmond Is Ripping Off It’s Residents”. It is outrageous that small volume residential citizens can pay as much as 78% of their water/sewer bill for service charges, while some above average volume users can pay as little as 11%. Furthermore, we note that the City administration has broken its promise to list all charges on their billing.

We the undersigned feel that the Richmond water rates are a vital but neglected issue that should be addressed in this election in November. The undersigned request that all candidates address this issue and request that all debates include these 3 questions:

Will the candidate support removing the federal income tax surcharge on the water rates?
Will the candidate support lowering the base service charge that all customers must pay before receiving the first drop of water?
Will the candidates support discontinuing the use of the water utility as a cash cow for the city’s general fund?

Afrikana Film Festival Presents “Coming To America” at Tredegar On Friday

From FaceBook Event page:

It’s that time again!!! Grab your blankets and lawn chairs and join Afrikana Film Festival for Starry Night Cinema, on the lawn at Historic Tredegar! We are pumped to partner with Ms. #dopeanddifferent herself, Kelli S. Lemon for this, our first interactive screening!

We are excited to present the classic, “Coming to America” and make it live so that you can enjoy all of favorite parts,
OUT LOUD! That’s right, this is the one time you get let your soul glo and sing about your queen to be DURING the movie! Be inspired to dress as your favorite character and feel free to act out ALL the classic scenes! So grab your lion stole and start practicing those unforgettable lines NOW!

Thanks to our community partner, Tredegar Iron Works for their continued support of Afrikana Film Festival!!

Gates open at 8p
Screening starts at dusk (around 8:45p)
Concessions and adult beverages will be available
Open to the Public
Suggested donation $10
*no outside food/beverage allowed

*In the case of inclement weather, meet us under the big tent in the Tredegar Courtyard

Careful: Yield Sign Missing On Idlewood

The Yield sign near Grayland/Idlewood is missing. This is an extremely dangerous intersection even with the yield sign there. This is just east of Harrison Street next to the off ramp for the 195 expressway. There have already been calls to the City and Police about this and it should be fixed soon if not already.

Robbery In Monroe Park Raises Concerns

From VCU Alert:

On July 19th, at 01:52 hours, a robbery was reported to the Richmond and VCU Police Departments as having occurred in Monroe Park.

Brief description of how the crime took place: The victim was in Monroe Park playing “Pokemon Go” with a friend when approached by two men. A brief conversation ensued which ended in one of the men grabbing the cell phone from the victim and fleeing eastbound on Main Street. The Richmond Police Department is classifying the crime as a Grand Larceny.


Suspect #1: Dark-skinned male, approximately 6’ tall, wearing a blue shirt, blue pants and a white bandana with a stripe on it.

Suspect #2: Dark-skinned male, approximately 6’ tall, wearing a dark-colored shirt.

Cherry Street neighbor Todd Woodson fired more questions towards City leadership and the Monroe Park Conservancy about broken lighting, police presence, and overall liability for the park. He again asked for an update from the Conservancy on the state of their fundraising for renovation.

In addition, requests have been made from this community news site to 2nd District City Council candidates for statements about their thoughts on Monroe Park and what they would do if elected to Council.

Trash/Recycling Pickup Tomorrow

This Wednesday is a red Wednesday, which means trash and recycling pickup. Ideally, rolling recycling containers are stored and deployed in the back alleys along with trash cans. Please make sure you pick up containers after pickup tomorrow night.

If you have not done so already, don’t forget to sign up for your Recycling Perks.
In order to take your recycling to the next level, read this: 10 ways to improve your recycling.

Recycling Today reports that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the final rules for new, existing and modified landfills.

According to the rules, landfills will begin capturing and controlling landfill gas emissions at levels that are one-third lower than current requirements, updating 20-year-old standards for existing landfills.

Combined, the final rules are expected to reduce methane emissions by an estimated 334,000 tons a year beginning in 2025—equivalent to reducing 8.2 million metric tons of carbon dioxide. EPA estimates the climate benefits of the combined rules at $512 million in 2025 or more than $8 for every dollar spent to comply.

In science news, researchers have found that larval fish exposed to microplastic particles during development displayed changed behaviors and stunted growth which lead to greatly increased mortality rates. The researchers discovered that larval perch that had access to microplastic particles only ate plastic and ignored their natural food source of free-swimming zooplankton.