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VA Nuclear Energy Consortium Authority Meets Tomorrow

According to Randy Marcus, Senior Advisor for Policy
Office of Governor Terry McAuliffe, the VNECA (VA Nuclear Energy Consortium Authority) Board has rescheduled their Board meeting for Tuesday, March 24 at 10am.
The meeting will be held close by at the VCU East Engineering Hall, 401 West Main Street, Room E3218 (Collaborative Learning Center on Third Floor). This is the same building and room used for recent meetings.

Nuclear opponents are watching carefully and plan to attend this meeting. However, it is unlikely there will be an outside protest like there was on Tredegar Street earlier this month.

Let There Be Flowers

The next astronomical spring begins tomorrow, though local weather calls for rain. Many neighbors are planning their gardens, and hopefully there is more interest in establishing some community plantings in tree wells, alleys, and lots, perhaps in preparation for the Richmond2015 UCI bicycle races.

Don’t forget Hollywood Cemetery’s Volunteer Rose Pruning And Maintenance Day on Saturday.

This spring you may also want to consider attending the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts’ new exhibit, “Van Gogh, Manet, and Matisse: The Art of the Flower”.
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“Helicopter Ben” Appearing At Altria Theater Saturday

On Saturday evening, the Richmond Forum will host a speech and Q&A by Ben Bernanke at the Altria Theater.

From the Altria Theater web page:

In 2013, Forbes called Ben S. Bernanke one of the ten most powerful people in the world. Bernanke served two terms as Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System from 2006 to 2014 under Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama. At The Richmond Forum, the former Fed Chief will discuss the critical role of the central bank of the United States, the events and policies of his tenure, and the domestic and global economies.
Mr. Bernanke’s presentation will be followed by an audience Q&A.

In a sense this is a victory lap for “Helicopter Ben”, having seen his policies seemingly stabilize the economy, even after going into “quantitative easing”. Some even credit Bernanke with holding off a second, deflationary “Great Depression”.

However, there are still critics. “Many argue that QE has not reduced unemployment, but has diminished the Fed’s independence and credibility, offsetting the effects of adopting a numerical inflation target. Now, only a year after the latest round of QE began, the Fed is struggling with how to unwind it, just as many had warned” – John B. Taylor.
Others are even more bearish about the future of the economy in the longterm response to these policies, adding to a “wall of worry” for investors.

I wonder if Chris Dorsey will try to attend?

Regardless, with Wall Street coming out of a “Fed watch”, it should be an interesting q&a for anyone interested in macroeconomics.

Vigil and Protest At Dominion’s HQ On Wednesday

Virginians are gathering on Tredegar Street this coming Wednesday morning, concerned about the ongoing tragedy of Fukushima and Dominion’s nuclear plans.

I expect a less noisy and more somber event than the recent pipeline protest, but perhaps as equally as important.

From FaceBook event page:

Please join us ~
Wed. March 11, 2015 from 7:30am-10:00am.
We will be participating in the global day of action ~ Commemorating the 4th year of the ongoing nuclear disaster in Fukushima and protesting against Dominion’s plan to build a 3rd nuclear reactor at North Anna on the fault line.

8:30am ~Vigil for the victims of Fukushima in plain view of Dominion Executives as they drive into work.
(will we be the next victims?)
10:00am ~ Moment of silence for the victims of Fukushima, followed by a brief memorial tribute and press conference.

Our State & Federal government is placing us at enormous risk!
Even with the past nuclear disasters (TMI, Chernobyl and the ongoing/uncontrollable disaster in Fukushima spreading radiation all over the world), nothing has stopped VA Dominion Power from moving forward with a plan for another reactor at North Anna.


Neighborhood Storm Drain Marking Project/RVA CleanSweep On March 15

From email announcement:

On Sunday, March 15, at 12:30 pm, we will be organizing a neighborhood-wide storm drain marking project to help raise awareness about the importance of keeping pollutants out of our storm drains and protecting the James River. We’ll gather for a light lunch at 12:30 pm at St. Andrew’s Community House (236 S. Laurel right beside the church) and then head out from there. All are invited to join us; please RSVP if you plan on volunteering by emailing me (abailey at so we will have enough food.

Click here for the event posting on the St. Andrew’s Church website.

Also, there is a page for an Oregon Hill cleanup organized by RVA Clean Sweep for the morning of March 15.

We’ll be cleaning up surrounding streets and alleyways and will split up into groups depending on attendance. RVA Clean Sweep will provide trash bags, pickers, and gloves, but please wear sturdy shoes and bring water.


Sacred Art of Chant with Ana Hernandez This Sunday

From email announcement:

This Sunday at St. Andrew’s Church (March 1), Ana Hernandez will be leading a mini-workshop in the sacred art of chant at 10:00 am and then leading the music at the 11:00 am service. All are invited (there is no charge). For more on Ana, click here.

Ana invites us to use our voices to create sacred sounds — no matter our religious background or vocal ability. Her work also encourages people to explore the effects of rhythm and chant on their bodies. She will be delving into this art more thoroughly at 2 workshops on Saturday, February 28, at St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church, who is co-sponsoring this weekend with us. Information and registration for this workshop is found here:

Plan Ahead: RZF Has New Date and Location


From Richmond Zine Fest’s FaceBook page:

Richmond Zine Fest 2015!
Saturday October 10th at
The Main Branch of the Richmond Public Library
101 E. Franklin St.

From their website:

The Richmond Zine Fest is an annual event at which local and national (and perhaps even international if we’re so lucky) zine-makers can gather to sell and trade their zines and network with other people in the zine community. The zine fest is not just for zine creators and distros. It’s an open event for all ages with tablers selling zines as well as other DIY items, informative and fun workshops throughout the afternoon, and good times, food and conversation in general. This event happens every Fall–typically during the month of October.

OHNA Meets Tonight

The Oregon Hill Neighborhood Association is meeting tonight (as usual, fourth Tuesday of month) at 7 pm at the William Byrd Community House.

Because last month’s meeting was cancelled, the agenda is very full.

A few points-

The American Civil War Museum at Tredegar will attend to discuss repairs to their historic site’s structures. Attending will be Patrick Saylor, Director, Marketing and PR; Christie Ann Bieber, Director of Strategic Initiatives; and Andrew Phinney, Facilities Manager, to discuss “some work that will be taking place at Historic Tredegar during the next few months. Specifically, we will be doing badly needed repair and restoration work on the canal wall at the back of the Tredegar site. The project is set to begin Feb. 23, with the removal of trees and vegetation along the wall.”

Emily Francis, a candidate for the 10th district Senate race, will be attending. “I’m running for state senate in the 10th District and was hoping to speak with you about the race before your neighborhood association meeting tomorrow”

From Rev. S. Abbott Bailey, Members of “St. Andrew’s and the Grace-on-the-Hill Residents are planning a storm-drain marking project in Oregon Hill to raise awareness about water quality, which is particularly important given our proximity to the James River.

The Tredegar Green issue was rescheduled for the March meeting.