Venture Richmond Meeting Tomorrow Morning

From City of Richmond:


WHAT: Members of Richmond City Council will attend the Venture Richmond Executive Committee meeting.

WHEN: Friday, October 21, 2016
7:30 a.m.

WHERE: Newmarket Corporation
Pavilion Board Room
330 South Fourth Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219

CONTACT: For more information, please contact Jean V. Capel, City Clerk, at 804.646.7955 or (email).

It should be an open meeting, open to the public, with the exception of a planned closed meeting that will take place at some point during tomorrow’s meeting.

No word on if Venture Richmond will give a more substantial response to outstanding and reasonable neighborhood concerns about ‘Tredegar Green’.

Moving Sound Pictures At Triple Crossing Friday


This Friday at 7:30 pm at Triple Crossing Brewing.

From the FaceBook event page:

Moving Sound Pictures is a one-man-band project/concept which evolved from Victor’s mastery of his vision for playing the Electronic Wind Instrument (EWI). Moving Sound Pictures utilizes the EWI, live sampling/looping, and virtuosic improvisation to transcend genre in order to present to audiences a very unique and wondrous experience of live orchestration.

Folk Festival Cometh


The noncontroversial stuff:
This weekend is the Richmond Folk Festival, which takes place just down the hill. It starts Friday night and continues till Sunday evening. It celebrates culture through music, dance, traditional crafts, storytelling and food. It started with Richmond hosting the National Folk Festival and has continued since then, becoming one of the best music festivals in the state if not the country. It has always had free attendance, though donations are encouraged and heavily solicited to augment the local corporate sponsorships. It goes on rain or shine.

Personally, I have attended every year and have enjoyed countless performances by musicians that I probably would never have been able to travel to and afford to see otherwise. I remember going to the first night of the National Folk Festival a dozen years ago when no one really knew what to expect. It was rainy and I was often one of the tens of people there at the tents as opposed to the thousands who now attend. I also enjoyed volunteering for the festival for a few years, helping with its recycling program.

So every year I do look forward to seeing the schedule and picking out the performances I want to attend. This year I am really looking forward to seeing L’Orchestre Afrisa International, Marquise Knox, Sri Lankan Dance Academy of NY, Kaynak Pipers Band, and Conteño, to name a few. Definitely take the time to at least check out the list and listen- there may be something that will pleasantly surprise you.

This year the weather is looking soggy and possibly windy. Regardless, having walked down there yesterday, I can promise it will be muddy. My suggestion is to wear old clothes, bring a rain jacket and umbrella, and open ears. The weather is no excuse to not take advantage of this great festival.

The controversial stuff:
I only bring up controversy in conjunction with this happy event for three reasons:

One is that it is pretty clear that the Folk Festival, as great and amazing as it is, has also been used as cover to push some inappropriate riverfront development, brushing aside citizen concerns about impacts on the environment, historic preservation, and quality of life issues for nearby neighbors. What has been particularly disturbing about this is the suggestion that anyone bringing up concerns is anti-Folk Festival and trying to end it. That is false.

Secondly, it is definitely worth noting that Venture Richmond, the nonprofit that runs the Folk Festival, has still not come to terms with this neighborhood over some very reasonable requests for the future use of the site, BEYOND the Folk Festival. Venture Richmond describes itself as a ‘public private partnership’, but has never had any real checks and balances for its overall role in the City, and it has served as the de facto marketing arm for a local corporate agenda that is often at odds with the public. For example, it was behind the wasteful lobbying for the failed Shockoe stadium proposal.

Lastly, and perhaps most urgently, former Venture Richmond executive director Jack Berry is running for Mayor (Election Day is only a few weeks away!), and has used the Folk Festival throughout much of his own campaign to give people the impression that he has values of diversity and inclusivity. I urge people to look past this advertising and take the time to learn about the Jack Berry that many City residents have come to know- someone who will arrogantly say anything but cannot be trusted on anything. Last week he came to the Oregon Hill neighborhood association meeting seeking votes but still refused to make any amends for past breaks in trust or, more importantly, make any commitments to how he would help and protect THIS fragile, historic neighborhood in the future.

I sincerely hope everyone enjoys the Folk Festival, appreciates the volunteers and performers who help make it happen, but also keeps in mind these last three points. The Folk Festival comes once a year, and, as has often been expressed- it has an impact that goes well beyond that.

11th Annual Halloween Parade Announced

From the FaceBook event page:


Richmond’s 11th Annual Halloween Parade presented by ALL THE SAINTS THEATER COMPANY is around the corner!

A Funeral March for Demons of the Day: the Goddesses and Elements are here to wash them away!

Monday, October 31st
7pm sharp
Monroe Park (near VCU Campus)
Richmond VA

Guys and gals and all non binary conforming pals, join us in this all inclusive Richmond tradition! Dress up in a costume, make your own giant puppets or flags, and/or volunteer to assist withour giant puppets, flags, props and more!

What are the demons of the day?! There are many! And they are very very spooky! All the Saints sees racism, extraction, corporate greed, bombs, droids, war, hunger, privatized education, and police brutality batting the goddesses of our ancient consciousness collective and ancestors using the elements as the one true tool, and Mother Earth and her green medicinal herbal allies as a way to defeat these demons!

We will make one huge “demon of the day” puppet which we invite folks to write their demons of the day on fabric and attach it to the puppet on site before parade begins. We will find a place to burn the demon of the day of the shadow of the day of the dead. We will make many larger than life 3 person goddess puppets and will have an army of burning skeletons. We will color code the parade separated by EARTH, WIND, WATER, and FIRE. The space between or the etheral will be the section for all the demons of the day!

We need music, bike ushers, and folks to help make puppets!

Free puppet making workshops starting Thursday October 6, and every Tuesday and Thursday to follow. First workshop at the Wizard Shoppe. 1607 Hull St.

We will post address for the later workshops at a later time.

Join us for fundraiser for this years parade at Tuesday October 25th for potluck and cabaret and puppet making at the Earth Folk Collective!

Oregon Hill Neighborhood Association Meets Tuesday

From email announcement:

Good afternoon everyone

OHNA will be meeting Tuesday, September 27th , for its monthly meeting at 7 pm, at the Parish House at St. Andrew’s.


On the agenda:

VCU Chief Venuti will be attending with VCU Police Officer Greg Felton.

Jack Berry, or a represantive from his campaign for Mayor, will be attending.

A representative from ToolBank may be attending.

Reminders: City Council Forum Tonight/Tackle Sidewalks Thursday

It’s a busy time of year in Richmond, and there are more events to keep track of than you have ever heard of.

So just count this as a quick reminder.

City Council candidate forum tonight at 6 pm at Diversity Thrift. I know Oregon Hill’s councilperson, Parker Agelasto, is looking forward to it. (Open Source RVA and WRIR will be taping on Tuesday and broadcasting the forum on Friday Sept. 23rd at 9 am. WRIR is also a co sponsor of this forum and the subsequent Tuesday candidate forums to be held at Diversity Richmond. So if you can’t make it, be sure to tune in.)

On Thursday, please volunteer to help take care of Oregon Hill sidewalks. Pine Street neighbor Stephenie Harrington is hoping to get a good group. There is also a second day of sidewalk cleaning planned on Saturday, 9/24, 9:00am.