Stormy Night Problems

Neighbors reported various problems last night in the midst of stormy weather-

At 11pm Monday nite, at two Intersections, Traffic Lights completely dark. Corner of Belvedere & Idlewood Ave. and corner of S. Laurel St. & Idlewood Ave. Reported to SeeClickFix.

2:15am Power outage here 500 block S. Pine St.
Report all outages (888) 667-3000

Chimney fire on 600 block of S. Pine. Thank you RFD for a quick response.

Power out on part of 400 block Laurel.

Also, sometime between 8-10pm, there was an apparent hit and run on 1000 block of Idlewood. Looks like someone coming off expressway too fast hit two parked cars, knocking them into each other and up onto the sidewalk.

Option 1 or Option 2 or…

So one thing that happened at the last Oregon Hill Neighborhood Association meeting (2/28) was a presentation on possibilities for new stop signs at intersections for neighborhood traffic.

This sort of thing has been requested multiple times before in regard to speeding and dangerous collisions, but for different reasons has never been acted on.

At the meeting, a City traffic engineer presented two options for stops. The proposed options are for a flipping of the stop signs at the circled intersections to give the east-west streets right of way and have the north-south streets stop. This way, no one direction always has right of way, and would need to stop at roughly every other intersection. This traffic pattern is called basket weaving, and has been used successfully in Maymont. These options are in no way set in stone, and are up for discussion and suggested alternatives. ‘Option 1’ suggests new stop signs at the intersections of Albemarle and S. Laurel, Spring and S. Pine, China and S. Laurel, and Holly and S. Pine. ‘Option 2’ suggests new stop signs at Albemarle and S. Cherry, Albemarle and S. Pine, Spring and S. Laurel, China and S. Pine, and Holly and S. Laurel.

Neighbors are asked to let the neighborhood association know which option they think is best as well as any other input. The plan is to discuss this more at the next OHNA meeting and then get back to the City traffic engineer and Councilperson Agelasto’s office with some thoughts and decisions.

Assault Near VCU Student Rec Center

The Times Dispatch is reporting an aggravated assault that took place late last night on the 100 block of S. Cherry Street.

Police said in an alert to students sent at 1:05 a.m. that the man saw two unknown men allegedly trespassing on private property and approached them when he was punched in the eye by one of the men, then struck in the face by the other. The two assailants left the scene in an unknown direction.

Fire On S. Cherry Street Last Night

Shortly after 9 pm last night a fire broke out on the second floor of 223 S. Cherry Street.

According to a neighbor’s report, the young resident had not been aware of the incident until she arrived home and said that her neighbor’s door had been busted in to get to the fire but that the fire seemed to be confined to a stairway area and it smelled like an electrical fire.

(Speculation is that the fire started when the power came back on for most of the neighborhood after Thursday’s storm.)

Thankfully, no one was injured and, from the rear of outside the building, it does not look like there was much damage.


Oregon Hill residents are very, very appreciative of the fast response and good work of the Richmond Fire Department.

By the way, this is not just another apartment building. It was built as part of Grace Arent’s legacy and originally housed the Instructive Visiting Nurse Association (IVNA), one of the earliest forms of public health care in Virginia.

From a 2009 Richmond Magazine article from Harry Kollatz, Jr:

The IVNA provided health care for young mothers, babies and the chronically ill who could not afford proper care. A building she constructed in 1903 for St. Andrew’s teachers at 223 S. Cherry St. became in 1911 headquarters for the IVNA. The IVNA, founded in 1900, is today the largest noninstitutional, nonprofit home health-care agency in the Richmond region.