Family Photo Mystery

A neighbor who lives on the 300 block of S. Pine Street has asked for some help with a mystery. After she moved into her row house in 2009, renovators found a trove of old photographs and bits of correspondence in the crawlspace under the house. While she has done her own investigating, she is still having trouble identifying the identities of the people in the photographs. She has asked that help and ask its audience if anyone knows the people in the following photographs…the ultimate goal is to return these photos and things to the families…Please reply in the comments or send a contact form in.

In addition to the identities, a few more mysteries-

There seems to be a couple of family groups represented in the photos, including white and black members and groups- are these different family groups related? If so, how? Why are their photos together in this trove?

Why was this trove stashed in an Oregon Hill crawlspace? There’s nothing in the photos or bits of correspondence that establishes a connection to Oregon Hill. There’s no indication that the people in the photographs ever lived in the house or in Oregon Hill.

Cat Missing

I understand this pet owner is still missing her cat Sasha:

My cat Sasha was attacked by 2 dogs around 6am Sunday am in front of our home on the 700 block of s laurel. I ran out and managed to make the dogs leave but my cat was really frightened and wouldn’t let me near him. He’s super friendly and loves to eat and he has a lion hair cut.

Food Cart For Sale

From Craigslist ad:

For sale is my beloved food cart for $3500. I used it for my crepe and coffee business OH Crepe! (Oregon Hill Crepe & Coffee). I was only able to use it on and off for a year, but since going back to school I’ve decided it’s time to move on. A lot of work has gone into the building the cart including, new wheels, building a food prep surface (from an old Papa John’s stainless steel counter), installing nice wood shelving (from an old Whole Foods), building the service doors (out of high quality steel from BMG metals), as well as coats of paint and sealant. I’m also happy to help the buyer with any information needed to acquire the right business license and certificate from the VA department of health. Please let me know if you have any questions!