‘Making The Lap’

Here’s a historic photo to warm you up this winter day.

Elite athletes chugging warm beers in the Monroe Park cruiser race. They had to chug a beer, do a lap or two, chug another beer, repeat until the beer is gone.

Photo and description from William Pickett.

New ‘Oregon Hill Terribles’ Patches


John Murden at Church Hill People’s News has a post on this

Clara Cline at The Wild Wander has these fantastic Boy Gangs of Richmond patches available. Pick’em up at this weekend’s Richmond Craft Mafia Handmade Holiday event.

The names are taken from Charles Wallace’s The Boy Gangs of Richmond in the Dear Old Days: A Page of the City’s Lesser History, an out-of-print history of the city’s rapscallion youth by Charles M. Wallace from 1938.