Issues With Grayland

While many neighbors are enjoying the new roundabout, some are also monitoring problems that stem from Grayland Avenue being partly open for parking. The people who are still using Grayland have abused the privilege by leaving litter and dangerously driving over part of the closed, roundabout section. The City’s Department of Public Works put up some black plastic fencing to try to discourage the misbehavior, but now people are just driving around it. Some neighbors are saying they predicted this and are re-iterating their calls for this section of Grayland Avenue’s street to be removed and fully closed as soon as possible.

Going West…

Other neighbors beat me to this, but many are enjoying the novelty of turning west off S. Cherry onto Idlewood now that it is two-way again and with the new Idlewood Roundabout(!):

IMG_2594 from Scott Burger on Vimeo.

I invites others to suggest a soundtrack for the video, but click here for my favorite.

And just to give a complete experience, here is another video coming off the Expressway:

IMG_2600 from Scott Burger on Vimeo.

It’s something we have waited many years for, so please excuse the giddiness.

Thanks to all the people who made this happen, past and present officials, most notably, Councilperson Parker Agelasto.

In the meantime the City sent out this press release:

Plan Ahead- Off-Ramp Closing Next Week

From City of Richmond:

Street Closure – Idlewood Avenue and Belvidere Street Off-Ramp
WHO: City of Richmond Department of Public Works

WHAT: Street Closure

WHEN: Starting at 9 a.m. on Monday, January 29 through ending at 4 p.m. on Friday, February 2


· Idlewood Avenue from Harrison to Cherry Streets and

· I-95 Downtown Expressway/Belvidere Street off ramp

BACKGROUND: The aforementioned areas will be closed to complete the final stages of paving and to convert two-way traffic and pavement markings for the roundabout construction at the intersection of Idlewood Avenue, Grayland Avenue and the I-95 off ramp. Please use caution and follow the detour signs.

Yet Another Reminder of Construction and Road Closing

As appeared in the Fan District Association‘s newsletter:

Construction and Road Closing
Starting Thursday, October 5, 2017
The Department of Public Works (DPW) will start construction on the Idlewood Avenue, Grayland Ave, and RMTA on-ramp roundabout. The work is expected to last 120 days. During that time the road will be closed. “Resident and emergency access along Idlewood Avenue shall be maintained at all times. In addition to the roundabout, the project includes:
• Landscaped islands
• Pedestrian crosswalk markings
• Handicap ramps
• New signage
The improvement will reduce vehicle and pedestrian conflict points, provide slower operating speeds for motorists, and shorten the crossing distance.
The project does include up to three (3) weekend closures of the 195 off ramp, including a detour. After all hardscape is installed, the site will be landscaped, stabilized and the erosion measures will be removed. At completion, Idlewood Avenue will be converted to a two-way traffic between Harrison Avenue and Cherry Street.”
If you have questions/concerns, please contact Jian Xu, P.E. at 804-646-5402 or the city’s field inspector, Ned Bailey at 804-646- 1553.

St. Andrew’s School Begins Its Semester This Week

St. Andrew’s School has orientation for families tomorrow and first full day for students on Tuesday.

This a good reminder for motorists to slow down on Idlewood and look out for pedestrians.

From the St. Andrew’s School webpage:

Extended learning time in the form of a longer school day and a longer school year is shown to have many benefits, both for students and for their families. This year 75% of our students are enrolled in our Extended Day program, attending school until 5:30pm. Next year, our goal is for 100% of our students to participate.