Family Photo Mystery

A neighbor who lives on the 300 block of S. Pine Street has asked for some help with a mystery. After she moved into her row house in 2009, renovators found a trove of old photographs and bits of correspondence in the crawlspace under the house. While she has done her own investigating, she is still having trouble identifying the identities of the people in the photographs. She has asked that help and ask its audience if anyone knows the people in the following photographs…the ultimate goal is to return these photos and things to the families…Please reply in the comments or send a contact form in.

In addition to the identities, a few more mysteries-

There seems to be a couple of family groups represented in the photos, including white and black members and groups- are these different family groups related? If so, how? Why are their photos together in this trove?

Why was this trove stashed in an Oregon Hill crawlspace? There’s nothing in the photos or bits of correspondence that establishes a connection to Oregon Hill. There’s no indication that the people in the photographs ever lived in the house or in Oregon Hill.

Burglary On N. Pine

Technically, N.Pine is north of the neighborhood, but relaying this information anyway.


Dec 1, 2017 at 1:15 am
Data provided by Richmond Police Department

On a related note, on Sunday a Laurel Street neighbor watched a guy with a package walk into an unlocked house across the street. He walked back out quickly and went back in the direction he came from toward Idlewood St. The owner of the home popped up and yelled after him “Did you need help with something” and he said he yelled back he got the wrong address but he kept moving. The owner then told us that he seemed startled by her dogs when he came in and she thinks thats why he left so quickly.

She was advised to report the incident to the police.

Upholstery Workshops Offered

From Pine Street neighbor Haleh Pedram’s post (reposted with permission):

Hello DIYer neighbors and friends! Starting immediately I will be offering Saturday morning basic upholstery workshops. Three hour sessions, $75 includes instruction, use of proper tools and materials (not including foam or fabric).

10 am- 1 pm at my studio on Pine street. Each session limited to two attendees, you needn’t be from the neighborhood but I thought this was a good place to start.

Get your place spruced up by the holidays and have the pride of knowing you did it yourself. to sign up or for more details. Thanks!

ATTENTION: New Traffic Patterns In Neighborhood

Today the City implemented a proposed stop sign change plan in the neighborhood, thus changing a few traffic patterns.

Stop sign locations have been ‘switched’ or ‘flipped’ at China and Laurel, Albemarle and Laurel, China and Pine, Albemarle and Cherry.

Please alert neighbors and other drivers. As one neighbor put it:

Everybody go slow and safe for a week or so. Expect a few bumpers to be bumped but please watch out for bikes as always.