Food Cart For Sale

From Craigslist ad:

For sale is my beloved food cart for $3500. I used it for my crepe and coffee business OH Crepe! (Oregon Hill Crepe & Coffee). I was only able to use it on and off for a year, but since going back to school I’ve decided it’s time to move on. A lot of work has gone into the building the cart including, new wheels, building a food prep surface (from an old Papa John’s stainless steel counter), installing nice wood shelving (from an old Whole Foods), building the service doors (out of high quality steel from BMG metals), as well as coats of paint and sealant. I’m also happy to help the buyer with any information needed to acquire the right business license and certificate from the VA department of health. Please let me know if you have any questions!

The Peedmont Reports On Mamma Zu’s

Proving that April Fool’s continues, local satire site The Peedmont has a ‘breaking news’ story about a server smiling at Mamma Zu’s restaurant. Excerpt:

Once the food order was finally placed, the birthday group reportedly relaxed and the rest of the evening went smoothly. Then, as witnesses described it, the unexpected occurred.

“She was clearing our plates and then she started doing this weird thing with her mouth,” recalled Mable, “I was about to ask if she was okay.”

The group fell silent, reporting that they were afraid of the way she was distorting her face.

“Suddenly, we all realized she was smiling,” described witness, Mike Donahue. “It was almost like she was grateful that we were there.”

The incident lightened the mood significantly. However, the server immediately returned to her original demeanor when the group all asked for separate checks.

(Editorial note: I for one have always appreciated Mamma Zu’s service. Their systematic and calm approach is helpful when dealing with some of the West End crowd.)

“I Can’t Believe I Just Got to Do That”

Writer Liza Kate Boisineau waxes poetic about the experience of eating ramps at Dinamo restaurant. Excerpt from her article:

I had just eaten a beautiful dish of ramp pesto with handmade tagliatelle, but I could feel the warmth coursing through my veins before the very first bite hit my mouth. And what a hit it was! I might have some bruising, but I had waited for one long, lonely year to have the dish again and it was worth waiting for.
When I first tried Dinamo’s ramp pesto last year, my eyes closed involuntarily and I was transported to an oniony, garlicky, green-tasting galaxy somewhere between the Earth’s core and some star cluster yet undiscovered. The sounds around me melted together and for a brief moment, my whole world was smooth and comforting and right.
Something akin to magic was happening to my body, maybe to my aura too, and I wished for even my worst enemy to have this experience at least once in their miserable life.