Zagat’s Article Highlights L’Opossum and Mamma Zu’s

Zagat’s recently had an article entitled ‘8 Reasons to Drive to Richmond’.

In it, it celebrated Mamma Zu’s:

This place had lines down the block and a chalkboard menu before it was cool, and on that chalkboard you’ll find antipasti like scungilli (Italian for whelk) or roasted red peppers; pastas like the perfectly perfect marinara and the best carbonara we’ve ever tasted; and entrees like osso buco and rockfish.

As well as L’Opossum:

Like Mamma ’Zu, you’ll find this corner spot in Richmond’s residential Oregon Hill neighborhood near the James River. The restaurant is the wonderfully quirky brainchild of chef-owner David Shannon, who spices up his dishes with names like “vegan orgy on a Texas beach” — that would be papadums and dips — and “a tawdry and salacious arrangement of freshly procured Manakintowne mesclun” — aka salad. Sit under the colorful lights at a table lined with black-and-gold Andy Warhol wallpaper and order the eggs with caviar; the “the swank bank,” a bowl of buttery lobster mac ‘n’ cheese with asparagus and chard; and a dessert of grilled pineapple ambrosia with boozy cherries.

L’Opossum Wins The 2017 Elby’s

Congratulations to David Shannon, chef and owner of L’Opossum! His 2 1/2 year old restaurant, at the corner of China and S. Pine, won big at Richmond Magazine’s Elby Awards last night at the Altria Theater.

Shannon took Chef of the Year, and L’Opossum also was named Restaurant of the Year.

From Richmond Magazine:

In 2015, L’Opossum received the Elby for Best New Restaurant. Last year, Shannon was named a James Beard semi-finalist. One visiting judge said: “To be frank, when I first read the menu online, I thought it was overly clever. But the chef earned the right to his sense of humor. … It’s the No. 1 place I visited this year that I’d go back to.” Another wrote: “Beautiful presentations and precise execution with every course. Cleverness and innovation abound, but above all, the spot-on taste of each dish – from foie gras and double-cut loin lamb chops to la petite mort au chocolate en flambé – dazzled. The intense labor and excellent quality of ingredients make this restaurant a value!”

Dumb Waiter At Mojo’s Tomorrow Night

From FaceBook event page:

Dumb Waiter Jazz-metal-funk trash bins playing trash music. “Cancel Christmas” vinyl + new tees will be available.
Zephyranthes (Raleigh, NC.) Delicious finger food. First time in RVA!
MANZARA Heavenly angels playing some music to gnash your teeth to.
930PM FREE at Mojo’s Rva

Businesses Take Break

Sign at Mamma Zu’s restaurant:


While at Vinyl Conflict music store:

Bobby says:

We will be closed regular hours this week Wednesday the 15th through Friday the 18th, for Painting and some light renovations.
We will be around likely with some stuff out front for limited hours, and we would love to see y’all. Please understand the whole shop won’t be open until Saturday the 19th, but we have some special stuff set aside to make up for being closed a few days!
Vinyl Conflict has been open since 2008 and this is the first time we’ve taken a couple days to put on a fresh coat of paint.
Thanks for the on going support!

New Belgium Tap Takeover at Mojo’s on Thursday

This Thursday, starting at 8 pm, is New Belgium Tap Takeover at Mojo’s (corner of S. Laurel and W. Cary).

From the FaceBook event page:

It’s finally Tap Takeover time again at Mojo’s! This month we have New Belgium taking over our taps Thursday January 26th starting at 8pm after Happy Hour. Come through. Free New Belgium pint glass while supplies last.

Beer selection includes:
1554 black lager 5.6%
Tartastic lemon ginger sour 4.5%
Voo Doo Ranger IPA 7%
Lips of Faith Clutch colab. 9.5%
Dayblazer blonde ale 4.8%

Bad Kids Night at Mojo’s with Julie On Saturday

From FaceBook event page:

Come be bad with all your friends. The end is near, you’ve been couped up all week, it’s two days before Aaliyah and Sade’s birthday. I could write a four page letter filled with the sweetest taboos, but I don’t wanna rock the boat. I cherish the day we’re gonna have together, the tots we’re gonna eat, the drinks we’re gonna drink, the tail feathers we’re gonna shake.

Tirami’Zu Brew

One of the neat things about the micro-brewery explosion in Richmond is the collaboration with local restaurants. Great to see neighbor and restauranteur Ed Vasaio taking part.

From the Strangreways Brewing FaceBook page:

Tirami’Zu Brew Rum Barrel Aged Porter returns to Strangeways taps today at 11a. As you recall, this is our collaboration with Mamma Zu, Edo’s Squid, Dinamo, and 8 1/2 and you’re going to want to have this by your side for Thanksgiving. Bottle availability is limited and they’ll only be sold at the brewery. No limit on purchase, so get it while you can.