Option 1 or Option 2 or…

So one thing that happened at the last Oregon Hill Neighborhood Association meeting (2/28) was a presentation on possibilities for new stop signs at intersections for neighborhood traffic.

This sort of thing has been requested multiple times before in regard to speeding and dangerous collisions, but for different reasons has never been acted on.

At the meeting, a City traffic engineer presented two options for stops. The proposed options are for a flipping of the stop signs at the circled intersections to give the east-west streets right of way and have the north-south streets stop. This way, no one direction always has right of way, and would need to stop at roughly every other intersection. This traffic pattern is called basket weaving, and has been used successfully in Maymont. These options are in no way set in stone, and are up for discussion and suggested alternatives. ‘Option 1’ suggests new stop signs at the intersections of Albemarle and S. Laurel, Spring and S. Pine, China and S. Laurel, and Holly and S. Pine. ‘Option 2’ suggests new stop signs at Albemarle and S. Cherry, Albemarle and S. Pine, Spring and S. Laurel, China and S. Pine, and Holly and S. Laurel.

Neighbors are asked to let the neighborhood association know which option they think is best as well as any other input. The plan is to discuss this more at the next OHNA meeting and then get back to the City traffic engineer and Councilperson Agelasto’s office with some thoughts and decisions.

Accident at Pine and Spring

The Labor Day quiet was disturbed this afternoon by an accident at S. Pine and Spring. Thankfully, no one was hurt.


Just received this timely reminder from the Richmond Police Department:

Drive Safely, Back to School Begins Tomorrow

September 5, 2016

Motorists are urged to use extra caution on the roads as students head back to class on Tuesday for the start of a new school year.

School buses will roll through city streets, picking up students from bus stops and ferrying them to schools across the city. Children will also be walking to school along city sidewalks.

“School safety is always a priority,” said Chief Alfred Durham. “As school begins, we will have officers driving by schools and bus stops as well as visiting school buildings to make their presence know, interact with the youth and help facilitate a safe learning environment for the students.”

Police ask motorists to drive safely at all times, especially in school zones, and to be aware of students at bus stops. Drivers are reminded that passing a stopped school bus with its lights flashing is a traffic violation that could result in a significant fine.

Old Penitentiary Site to Get It’s Own Historic Marker

In a Friday article in the Times Dispatch, Mark Holmberg reports that the old Virginia Penitentiary site will be getting an official Virginia state historic marker on Spring Street near S. Belvidere.

“I can’t believe it,” said RVA author Dale Brumfield. “Why hasn’t someone done this before?”
On Thursday, his plan for a marker commemorating the Virginia State Penitentiary was approved unanimously by the state Department of Historic Resources

Brumfield, who is writing a book about the old state pen, became fascinated while researching one of the countless legends about the place.
“Four prisoners went into the penitentiary but never came out,” he said. Legend had it they ran up gambling debts or otherwise ran afoul of other inmates and were ground up or incinerated.
“It just blossomed,” he said of the wealth of history that opened up as he peered back at the huge masonry monster that loomed over the shoulder of Oregon Hill from 1800 — when the first 21 prisoners were marched in — until it was razed in 1992.
“What else in Richmond lasts that long?” Brumfield said.

Here are some earlier OregonHill.net posts about the old penitentiary:

It’s worth noting that Oregon Hill as a neighborhood will also be getting a historic marker, probably near the Idlewood roundabout whenever that project is finished. And the James River and Kanawha Canal west of the Lee Bridge should also receive a historic marker at some point in the future.