OHNA Resolution After Traffic Study: No More Stop Signs

Although several options for new stop signs and traffic measures were discussed at this past Tuesday’s Oregon Hill Neighborhood Association meeting, attendees voted to go in a very novel direction- taking out all of existing stops signs in the neighborhood for a trial period.

An OHNA officer described what happened:

I think we reached a point after so much deliberation, that some got frustrated and were ready to table the whole topic for the rest of the meeting, but then one of the new residents who was there started talking about when he previously lived in a small village in Maine that had no traffic regulation. That’s when a new motion was made to take out all stop signs for the rest of the year, and, surprisingly, people got fired up and we passed it.

One longtime resident said she voted for motion because she thinks it is one of the first steps towards outlawing most motor vehicle traffic in Oregon Hill altogether.

While calling it very unorthodox, City traffic engineers were not totally unreceptive to the group decision. They consider it a cheaper and simpler option than a traffic circle, which is harder to finance now that federal traffic grants have been depleted. They said no stop signs would hopefully, eventually force drivers to be more careful in their approaches to intersections.

Since it is likely that City Council will have to ultimately weigh in on this plan, there is no timetable as of yet for when it could possibly be enacted. In the meantime, some neighbors have already suggested that everyone should act like there are no stop signs and drive more cautiously anyway, given some of the speeding and bicyclist activity they have seen on neighborhood streets.

Option 1 or Option 2 or…

So one thing that happened at the last Oregon Hill Neighborhood Association meeting (2/28) was a presentation on possibilities for new stop signs at intersections for neighborhood traffic.

This sort of thing has been requested multiple times before in regard to speeding and dangerous collisions, but for different reasons has never been acted on.

At the meeting, a City traffic engineer presented two options for stops. The proposed options are for a flipping of the stop signs at the circled intersections to give the east-west streets right of way and have the north-south streets stop. This way, no one direction always has right of way, and would need to stop at roughly every other intersection. This traffic pattern is called basket weaving, and has been used successfully in Maymont. These options are in no way set in stone, and are up for discussion and suggested alternatives. ‘Option 1’ suggests new stop signs at the intersections of Albemarle and S. Laurel, Spring and S. Pine, China and S. Laurel, and Holly and S. Pine. ‘Option 2’ suggests new stop signs at Albemarle and S. Cherry, Albemarle and S. Pine, Spring and S. Laurel, China and S. Pine, and Holly and S. Laurel.

Neighbors are asked to let the neighborhood association know which option they think is best as well as any other input. The plan is to discuss this more at the next OHNA meeting and then get back to the City traffic engineer and Councilperson Agelasto’s office with some thoughts and decisions.

Precautionary Closing Of Lee Bridge

Heard the sirens this morning, but did not see anything mentioned in the news until later…

From Times Dispatch:

The Lee Bridge is closed to traffic this morning as fire and rail officials investigate if a train in close proximity to the bridge is leaking fuel.

Lt. Chris Armstrong with the Richmond Fire Department said train officials are on the scene. Authorities are investigating whether a car carrying petroleum is leaking or simply venting, which is a normal procedure when there is excess product inside, Armstrong said.

Related, older post: http://www.oregonhill.net/2014/07/11/train-derailment-explosion-risk/

Update: I am hearing the bridge is open again.

Update 2: “Loose valve on rail car carrying propane caused Lee Bridge shutdown

Street Closures For Richmond Marathon Saturday

The Times Dispatch has posted a quick guide to street closures for Saturday’s Anthem Richmond Marathon, American Family Fitness Half Marathon & VCU Health 8k.

Some highlights:

The intersection of 5th & Tredegar Street will be closed starting at 10 a.m. on Friday for Finish Line set up and construction.
– 5th Street will be closed from Broad Street to Tredegar Street from 4 a.m.-4 p.m.
– Broad Street (both eastbound and westbound) between 5th and 11th streets will be closed to traffic from 4-10 a.m. Westbound traffic will be detoured north onto 11th Street and west on Leigh Street.
– Broad Street (both eastbound and westbound) between 5th Street and N. Boulevard will be closed from 6-9 a.m. Eastbound traffic will be detoured north on Sheppard Street, east on Marshall Street, north on the Boulevard, east on Leigh Street, south on 10th Street, east on Marshall Street, south on 12th Street back to Broad Street.
– Grace Street from Allen Ave. to 6th Street will be closed from 4 a.m.-3 p.m.

– Semmes Avenue westbound from Cowardin Avenue to Roanoke Street will be closed from 8:30 a.m.-Noon.
– Belvidere Street northbound at Grace Street will be closed from 7 a.m.-3 p.m. The recommended detour will be east on Byrd Street to the Downtown Expressway eastbound to I-95 northbound.
– West Main Street, from Belvidere to Boulevard will be closed from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Westbound traffic Main Street will be detoured North on Belvidere, east on Franklin, and south on 1st Street to the Westbound Downtown Expressway.
– Belvidere Street southbound between Broad and Grace Streets will be closed from 7am to 3pm. The recommended detour for southbound Belvidere Street will be onto I-95 southbound just north of Leigh Street.

– There will also be numerous and frequent lane closures along the Marathon, Half Marathon & 8k routes, including closures on: Broad Street, North Boulevard, Monument Avenue, Grove Avenue, Maple Avenue, Cary Street Road, River Road, Scottview Drive, Forest Hill Avenue, Semmes Avenue, the Lee Bridge, Belvidere Street, West Main Street, Hermitage Road, Fauqier Avenue, Brook Road.
*Motorists are advised to use extreme caution when entering these roadways or making turns across the runners’ paths along these roadways.

Course maps are available on the Richmond Marathon website.

“VCU Broad Street Mile” This Saturday

From the website:

The VCU Broad Street Mile combines a street festival with a 5K Run and series of one-mile fun runs on the city’s major thoroughfare, Broad Street. In addition to providing a fun, festive event, the VCU Broad Street Mile provides a turnkey fundraising opportunity for local community organizations. This year’s event promises to be bigger and better with a 5K route through the VCU Campus and performances from local community organizations in the festival area.

The FREE festival will feature live music, food trucks, local vendors, kids activities and more. People are encouraged to come enjoy the festival even if you are not participating in one of the run/walks.

DATE: Saturday, September 24, 2016
TIME: 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM
LOCATION: Broad Street between Belvidere Street and Hermitage Road
FESTIVAL: FREE & open to the public
RUN/WALK: 5K & One-Mile Fun Runs (Choose between the No Limits Mile, Kids Mile, Doggy Dash and Spirit of Giving Mile)