Apartment Proposal For Corner Of Laurel And W. Cary

First, here is a photo taken today of the threatened four historic buildings at this main gateway to Oregon Hill.

Next, here are the front and rear renderings for the proposed apartment development at 801 W Cary St. This property is included in the recognized Oregon Hill Historic District.

This will certainly be a topic at the upcoming Oregon Hill Neighborhood Association meeting on Tuesday.

W. Cary Street Mugging Last Night; Suspect Arrested

WTVR is reporting on muggings and arrest last night

“The first incident took place on the 600 block of West Cary street. A student was approached by a suspect armed with a firearm who demanded property. The suspect fled with the property,” a VCU Police spokesperson said. “The second incident took place at Shafer and Franklin streets. Two students were approached by a suspect with a firearm who demanded property. One student was struck with the weapon and sustained minor injuries.”

The third incident was reported on the 900 block of Park Avenue.

“Two students were again approached by a suspect armed with a firearm who demanded property. Both students were assaulted and sustained minor injuries,” police said.

Richmond Police located the suspect along the 400 block of North Harrison Street and arrested him at about 4:22 a.m.

“The property taken by the suspect was recovered when the suspect was arrested,” police said. “VCU Police, working in concert with Richmond Police, are committed to the safety of our students, faculty and staff.”

Little Mexico To Hold Relief Fundraiser For PR/Mexico Disaster Victims

While its not in the neighborhood, I know many neighbors who enjoy the close by Little Mexico restaurant.

From the FaceBook event page:

Hi guys, its Nivi, as you all know there’s been alot of things going on right now. Rosio & I wanted to do our part & throw a little fundraiser to raise/collect donations (whether money or necesities) for Mexico & Puerto Rico.

TUESDAY, OCT 10 from 3PM to 7PM, Little Mexico will take a percentage of the proceeds made during this time and date will be donated to United for Puerto Rico & Omaze to help the victims of the hurricanes in Puerto Rico and earthquakes in Mexico, as well as accept items (LIST BELOW) that are gonna be sent to PR. Unfortunately I havent found anyone whose going to be shipping to MX to send items, so if anyone knows PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

This is something that is very personal to me, as I’ve had very little communication with family but I’ve been made aware of family members who have lost their homes completely and/or belongings. Hope to see ya’ll there! Anything is appreciated!

If for any reason you can’t make it to the event and/or would like to make an additional donation, you can donate online to the websites or donate to a little fundraiser I’ll have open on FB until OCT 11TH! These orgs aren’t an option so I put it under my name and I’ll personally donate the funds to them!


Water, Canned Food, Batteries, flashlights, water purifying tablets, first aid kits, bandages, small tool kits, hygiene products, sewing kits, small fire extinguishers, manual can openers, wrenches to turn off gas lines, battery-operated radios, garbage bags, dish soap, disinfectant, paper cups, plates, napkins, latex gloves and work gloves, baby wipes, sterile eye wash, sun screen, hand sanitizer, antibiotic ointment, adhesive tape and prepackaged tarps

Hazmat At Cary Street Gym

Pool problems at VCU’s Cary Street Gym have lead to a scene with the Virginia Commonwealth University police and Richmond firefighters, including a hazmat crew.

The facility has been closed down while they figure out what is going on.

From the Times Dispatch article:

The gym was evacuated as a precaution, said Richmond Fire Battalion Chief Christine Richardson, adding that at this time they don’t believe there’s any immediate risk to anyone in the area.

Crime Alert: Gun Pulled Near The Tech Exchange

From Times Dispatch article:

On Tuesday afternoon, police responded to the robbery call around 5:19 p.m. in the 800 block of West Cary Street. An employee of The Tech Exchange, Jonathan Khalili, said three men entered the store and bought items. One of the men attempted to sell the store some “useless items,” including a broken Nintendo GameCube.

After they left the store, there was an altercation between two of the three men that led to a gun being pulled, Khalili said.

The man with the gun then stole the items the other man had attempted to sell at the store.

Eliza Jane and 811 W. Cary

I am sorry to say that I just heard that “Granny”, the woman who inspired the “Eliza Jane RVA” blog, passed away earlier today. I enjoyed relating “The Lady in the Lavender Hat”. Here’s “Laughter & Freedom”, in her honor:

Granny’s family lived at 811 W. Cary Street. In those days Oregon Hill continued into that area, before the Downtown Expressway sliced through it’s edge, and before Virginia Commonwealth University put up a parking deck at Cary and Laurel. The house was just a few doors down from Paragon Pharmacy, where Granny and her friends would roller skate out front due to it having the only concrete. The rest of the sidewalks in the neighborhood were red brick. The family’s house had two sets of steps on the front: one set went up to the porch and front door, the other set went down to the family grocery store where Granny would steal penny candy throughout the day.

Backyard at 811 W. Cary St., Oregon Hill

The house was attached on the right side to another home and the two families were friendly. Granny says she rarely got from one place to another in the usual fashion, much to her mother’s (Lena’s) chagrin: To visit her neighbors, Granny would simply climb over the railing dividing their porches.

Sisters Frances and Claryce (“Ikey”), eldest two of the four siblings

Eventually the family moved around the corner to Randolph Street. On the left side of the home there was a low building with a metal roof. Instead of going downstairs and out the front door, Granny would jump from her second story bedroom window onto the metal roof next door, then jump once more to the ground to run off and go play. She still describes this act with a far away look in her eyes and laughter in her voice.

811 W. Cary Street (with Harvey Hardware in the background) Photo courtesy of Charles Allen Sugg

Author’s note:

The two middle homes pictured here – the first of which is 811 W. Cary St. – were torn down just a short time before I arrived to take a picture for my Granny. I was devastated. She had given me the address in her distinctive “Old Richmond” accent: “Eight Eleh’m West Curry Street” (811 W. Cary Street). Fortunately, Charles Allen Sugg had photographed it in 2008 and came to my rescue. A copy of this photo now sits framed in my Granny’s home.