Idlewood Roundabout Construction To Begin In October

Starting on Thursday, October 5, 2017 the Department of Public Works (DPW) will start construction on the Idlewood Avenue, Grayland Ave, and RMTA on-ramp roundabout. The work is expected to last 120 days. During that time the road will be closed. “Resident and emergency access along Idlewood Avenue shall be maintained at all times. In addition to the roundabout, the project includes:

• Landscaped islands
• Pedestrian crosswalk markings
• Handicap ramps
• New signage

The improvement will reduce vehicle and pedestrian conflict points, provide slower operating speeds for motorists, and shorten the crossing distance.

The project does include up to three (3) weekend closures of the 195 off ramp, including a detour. After all hardscape is installed, the site will be landscaped, stabilized and the erosion measures will be removed. At completion, Idlewood Avenue will be converted to a two-way traffic between Harrison Avenue and Cherry Street.”

If you have questions/concerns, please contact Jian Xu, P.E. at 804-646-5402 or the city’s field inspector, Ned Bailey at 804-646- 1553.

Idlewood Roundabout – Schedule / Status Update

From City Transportation Engineer Michael B. Sawyer:

Mr. Woodson / CM Agelasto: I trust all is well.

Per your request, please see the schedule below for the Idlewood Roundabout construction. We are currently in the process to acquire the necessary right-of-way (ROW).

Event Estimated Completion Date
Plan Complete Aug, 2015
Right of Way Aug./Sept., 2015
Bid Advertisement Sept., 2015
Award Contract if successful bid process Dec., 2015
Start Construction Jan., 2016
Complete construction April, 2016

Idlewood Roundabout Plan Update

One of the topics covered at Councilperson Parker Agelasto’s meeting on Wednesday night was an update on the Idlewood roundabout project.


City Transportation Engineer Tom Flynn gave a quick background and overview, and then presented the “first, final draft” from engineering/design firm Kimley Horn. Due to some unforeseen costs, the plan right now is to NOT remove the stretch of Grayland at the time of roundabout construction, but leave it with a dead end. Expect this and other points to be covered at a future community meeting.


Idlewood Roundabout Project Receives Funding From VCU

This ordinance was passed by City Council last night:

Ord. No. 2013-209 (Patron: Mayor Jones) – To authorize the Chief Administrative Officer to accept $250,000 from Virginia Commonwealth University and to appropriate the increase to the Fiscal Year 2013-2014 Capital Budget by increasing estimated revenues and the amount appropriated to the Department of Public Works’ Traffic Calming/Idlewood Roundabout project in the Transportation category by $250,000 for the construction of a roundabout at the intersection of Idlewood Avenue, Grayland Avenue and an off ramp from the Downtown Expressway.

More on this here and here.

Idlewood Roundabout Plan Becomes Funded and Closer To Reality

Oregon Hill Neighborhood Association President Jennifer Hancock announced good news in regard to the Idlewood Roundabout proposal by making public an email from Councilperson Parker Agelasto:

Our roundabout is finally going to become a reality thanks to Parker.


From: Agelasto, Parker C. – Council Member
Subject: Idlewood Roundabout

Hello everyone,

I wanted to provide an update regarding the Idlewood Roundabout. Each and everyone one of you contributed to a campaign to make this a priority. My fellow Councilmembers and the Administration heard you clearly. The project that has been discussed for nearly 15 years is finally going to be a reality.

Thanks to Brian Ohlinger for working with us to secure the $250,000 funding support from VCU for this initiative. This provided the necessary leverage for the project to get the attention of those at City Hall. Likewise the commitment from the St. Andrews Association to permit easements for the project made it very doable. The City has set aside $200,000 in the FY2014 capital improvement budget. This will leverage another $200,000 through VDOT’s revenue sharing program. The project thus has $650,000 and should begin over the next 12 months.

CAO Byron Marshall has been very helpful throughout the process. If you happen to see him, please thank him for his support of the Idlewood Roundabout. In the meantime, I will try to organize a public presentation on the project once the Department of Public Works has more specific information to share.

Parker C. Agelasto
Richmond City Council, 5th District

Editor’s Note: This corresponds to number 5 of my own top ten issues for the neighborhood. With issues 4,5,6,7 all getting somewhat addressed (and a sincere hearty thanks to those who helped make that happen), it may be time to repopulate the list with some new issues.

10K Traffic on Idlewood

Photos this morning of traffic on Idlewood, mainly from the Monument 10K race. You can see where it’s backing up 195 Belvidere exit.



Speaking of Idlewood, Mayoral candidate/citizen activist Rick Tatnall recently inquired with Councilperson Parker Agelasto about the upcoming Idlewood roundabout project. Agelasto says that the project has been hung up by the Richmond Metropolitan Transportation Authority and legal paperwork for a small easement on RMTA property. There should be a resolution soon on this. It will then go out for bids and construction with the hopes of being completed this year.