Article On Shop Switchover

Writer Nick Michon has an article on the website about the changes on the corner of Laurel Street and Albemarle Street- here are the opening paragraphs:

Death has paid Oregon Hill a visit. Gone are the frilly flowers that once graced the now defunct Bunnyhop Bike Shop on the corner of Albemarle in exchange for the towering scythe wielded by the Reaper himself. The entire building has transformed to black, and Justin Torone and Alaina Gearhart are to blame.

While the new mural in progress by Sure Hand Signs may paint a grim scene, Torone and Gearhart’s business Rest In Pieces is taking on a newfound life of its own. The couple entered the world of oddities through Gearhart’s preexisting love for strange artifacts like skulls and preserved creatures.

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Rest In Pieces Shop To Replace Bunnyhop

From Rest In Pieces’ Instagram page:

Some of you already know, but it’s finally official. Rest in Pieces is moving to Oregon Hill. The new location is significantly larger, and will give us the space we need to continue to grow. We want to personally say thank you to each and every one of you, YOU made this possible. We’re sad to be leaving our spot in the fan, but it’s time to move onto bigger things. This move is scary. But if it doesn’t scare you, it’s not worth doing. We’ve been hoarding inventory and fixtures for months in preparation for this, and we cannot wait to share what we have in store for you guys.

Check out their website to learn more about “Richmond’s Only Oddity Shop”.